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Before Elon Musk’s Twitter deal, SBF invested $100 million.

Before buying Twitter, Elon Musk accepted SBF’s $100 million gift.

SBF was openly mocked by Musk for witnessing his b*****t before FTX’s bankruptcy case.

Is SBF offering musk to buy Twitter?

According to reports, SBF offered Musk to buy Twitter for $3 billion to $10 billion.

Recent revelations from Semafor, a global news analysis platform, about Elon Musk, the CEO of Twitter, and Sam Bankman-Fried, the proprietor of the defunct FTX exchange (SBF).

SBF’s bankruptcy case

Recent discoveries made during SBF’s bankruptcy case revealed that two weeks after deciding to pay $44 billion to buy Twitter, Musk emailed SBF that same night to invite him to convert his $100 million stake in the business into a privately held Twitter.

Breaking: Bankman-Fried contributed $100 million to Musk’s Twitter transaction.

                                       [Mr. Whale] 22 November 2022 – (@WhaleChart)

According to reports, SBF owns a large piece of the debt- and liquidity-ridden Twitter. And Musk has now officially distanced himself from SBF, which he formerly credited as a financial partner in his efforts to revamp Twitter. Just one day after FTX’s bankruptcy was declared, Tesla’s (NASDAQ: TSLA) owner even made fun of SBF on Twitter Spaces.

Mr. Musk said:

Everyone was referring to him as though he were walking on water and was extremely wealthy. And I didn’t get the idea of that. That guy is just… something’s not right, he doesn’t have money, and he won’t follow through. I had predicted that.

Over time, the Tesla owner’s prediction unquestionably turned out to be accurate. SBF lost nearly all of his wealth and went from being a crypto god to being deported overnight.

Why Twitter CEO request donations?

But during all the commotion, Musk cleverly chose not to disclose SBF’s investment in the Twitter purchase, which was an essential piece of information. Additionally, the Twitter CEO personally requested that he make a $100 million donation, according to previously undisclosed communications that Semafor analyzed.

As a result, SBF, whom Musk has frequently disparaged, is a partner in Twitter.

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Semafor claims that William MacAskill, SBF’s advisor, approached Musk to urge a “joint venture.” Musk was persuaded by MacAskill that SBF was prepared to invest $3 billion, and ultimately up to $10 billion, in Twitter.

Additionally, an FTX financial sheet showed investors that the company’s Twitter shares were illiquid, according to Semafor resources.

Before Elon Musk’s Twitter Deal, SBF Invested $100 Million, which was first on Coin Edition.

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