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WeSendIt (WSI) Price Prediction 2023-27

Could We Send It introduce innovation in the world of cryptocurrencies? 

  • WSI had a successful presale in 2022.
  • We Send It is a market leader in cloud sharing. 
  • The token could reach anywhere from $1-$5 by the end of the year. 

Cloud connectivity and sharing is a vast industry with massive growth potential. Interestingly, the sector has been dominant in Web 2.0 with several leading organizations. However, with the prospects of Web 3.0 in the picture, few organizations were thinking of cloud connectivity and sharing in the newly reformed internet. 

Enter WeSendIt, a Swiss data transfer company set to become the world’s first ‘gateway to decentralized networks.’ The organization’s latest platform, WeSendit 3.0, is all set to leverage the utility of Blockchain and decentralization to offer users a seamless, safest, and most reliable data transfer experience. 

Being a new concept, WeSendIt has been in the spotlight for all the right reasons. But could the project be a great investment opportunity? As we explore the project’s different aspects, let’s find out whether it’s an investment opportunity for the early birds. 

About We Send It: An Overview 

We Send It: The Concept 

As mentioned earlier, WeSendIt is a market leader in the file transfer and storage industry. The platform has over 3.5 million users from 150+ countries and is backed by a decade of operations. Since its inception, the company has processed over 2.85 billion data records. Based in Zug, the company enjoys clients like Disney, Nike, Meta (Facebook), DreamWorks, and Red Bull. 

Now, talking about its latest initiatives, the organization’s new WeSendit 3.0 platform marks the Swiss company’s entry into the Web 3.0 world. As per its whitepaper, the WeSendit 3.0 concept is about streamlining the data transfer experience. Therefore, the file transfer experts proposed to have created the most straightforward, safest, and user-friendly medium to access decentralized storage networks. 

Together with other premier Web 3.0 storage players like Sia, Filecoin, and Storj, WeSendit 3.0 also aggregates different Web 3.0 solutions. Users can also expect secure, decentralized applications in data storage and transfer once they sign up for the platform. 

However, that’s not all. The ecosystem also introduces us to a unique ‘earn as you share’ system where users will be rewarded with the platform’s WSI token every time they use the platform for sharing or transferring data. What’s more? Since the model is based on a no KYC feature, users can proceed with data safely and anonymously from one medium to another. 

So now that we have a fair idea of the project let’s look at the different aspects of the project in the following sections. 

Tokenomics Of WSI

As per the definition, ‘Tokenomics’ of any individual token can be termed as an in-depth calculation that gives us an overview on the dynamics of a crypto project. As mentioned earlier, WSI is the native token for the WeSendIt crypto platform and is responsible for several aspects of the program. 

This Binance-based BEP-20 token can be used for staking, offering fees, or as a platform for access and reform payments. So to give you a better insight, we’ve tried to provide readers with an overview of the tokenomics defining WSI’s operations over the platform. Let’s check it out: 

  • WSI can be used as payment for service and seamless access to the platform. 
  • Once they have acquired enough WSI, investors can stake their tokens to enjoy a 200% APY.
  • Users receive direct rewards in WSI tokens if they use the WeSendIt platform for transferring data across the cloud. 

The WeSendIt ecosystem has a total supply of 1,500,000,000 WSI tokens. Here’s an overview of the tokenomics of the project:

  • Development: 15% of the total supply. 
  • Marketing: 12% of the total supply. 
  • Operations: 10% of the total supply. 
  • Exchange & Liquidity: 8% of the total supply 

The project has also let out 8% of its total supply, each to private sales and as staking rewards. Another 5% each of the total supply goes towards seed rounds, advisors, and referrals. 

Interestingly, the project has also let out 3.5% of the total supply for general reserve, 3% each for airdrop and activity rewards. Lastly, 2.5% of the total supply of WSI tokens goes to TGE and IDO. 

Presale Stages Of WSI

As mentioned earlier, the project has allocated 8% of its total supply towards the presale of its WSI tokens. Looking at the latest information, the token had already completed its seed round for $0.011 per WSI. 

Following this, they conducted a private sale for $0.017, followed by a one-stage presale for $0.032 per token.

Note: The token has already been listed at the time of writing. However, since it’s only been a few days post its IEO, there’s not much information to create a strong analysis. 

We Send It Price Prediction: 2023-27

Predicting the future of any token can be challenging when you don’t have access t its past price movements. Similarly, with no price data on the WeSendIt token, our analysts have developed these predictions based on the overall market sentiment, its fundamentals, and the project’s tokenomics. 

So let’s check out the predicted price movement for the WSI tokens in the next five years. 

WeSendIt Price Prediction 2023

2023 could be a significant year for the WeSendIt tokens. Considering that the project will be listed on an IEO by January, we expect it to enter a bullish phase by the time of its launch. 

Keeping the overall optimism of the market in mind, we predict that the token will be able to reach around $0.60. However, if the market is caught in any bearish influence in the coming months, the token might average around $0.45. 

WeSendIt Price Prediction 2024

Since the WSI token would’ve only begun its journey in 2023, we expect the following year to be successful. This is the year when investors might take an interest in the unique prospects of the token, and the project might witness an increased user base. 

Keeping the same in mind, we expect the WSI token to touch the $0.70 mark by this year. On the other hand, the token can also average around a price range of $0.55, marking a $0.1 increase in a year. 

WeSendIt Price Prediction 2025

2025 could be a year of change for the data industry. Considering that cloud data sharing has developed to its maximum potential, we expect some competitors in the industry. 

However, since WSI would be the benchmark token in the industry, we expect the project to benefit from such a trend. Therefore, for 2025, we expect the WSI token to cross the $0.8 range and eventually move towards the $1 range. However, if the market shows bearish sentiment, the token might fall back to $0.55. 

WeSendIt Price Prediction 2026 

For 2026, we expect the WSI token to enter a bearish phase. However, by this time, the platform would’ve spent three years in the industry with a major bullish run. Therefore, it’s highly likely that this year could be a retest for the token. 

Expecting a bearish trend by then, WSI will fall below the $0.5 range for most parts of 2026. However, if the token can tap into a corrective phase by then, it might push back to $0.7. 

WeSendIt Price Prediction 2027

Since WSI would have been in a bearish phase for 2026, we expect the token to enter a corrective phase for the following year. Considering that the project would’ve spent considerable time in the industry by then, we expect WeSendIt to introduce various updates over its platform. 

Therefore, for 2027, we expect the WSI token to move beyond the $1 mark. Besides, the project could further boom to a new price point if the market trends support its price movement for the year. 


As mentioned earlier, it can be challenging to predict the future of any token with limited resources. Keeping the same in mind, we suggest you use these predictions only for reference. Only invest in the token once you understand the project’s unique concepts.

What Makes We Send It Worth The Investment?

At its core, WeSendIt is sharing documents and transferring data in a Web 3.0-based platform. Additionally, the platform has added utility to its platform by creating a rewarding experience for the users. Interestingly, there’s more to the project than just a few features. 

So here’s an overview of the different aspects that make WeSendIt worth the investment: 

Lucrative Airdrop

Airdrops are one of the core features that allow for promoting any upcoming crypto project. Interestingly, WeSendIt is no exception to the trend. The project has developed a lucrative airdrop initiative where they’ll first publish the data around the overall WSI token holders. 

Once the Snapshot Date is announced, the program will be distributing 30 million tokens of its complete supply. Interestingly, it will be based on a percentage basis where the platform will name the number of qualified token holders. The token has also earmarked another 15 million tokens for the 2nd quarter. 

Note: You must possess the WSI tokens during the Snapshop announcements and between events. 

Access To Affordable Cloud Storage

The online storage business has been a concept at large. Today, several cloud storage providers charge us some fees after using up a complimentary space over their cloud storage. However, this is where the WeSendIt Web 3.0 platform stands out. 

Thanks to the cooperation of different Web 3.0 network partners, the team has successfully removed any restrictions on limited storage space. As a result, compared to the other providers, users of the WeSendIt 3.0 will save up to 80% of the general costs. 

Encrypted, Geo-Redundant Storage

Being in the industry for almost ten years, WeSendIt has made a name for its great security features. The platform backs the data of its users with stringent security features and heavy encryption. Additionally, since the platform has carried out its security measures to the Web 3.0 ecosystem, users can also expect the same level of security from its latest platform.

What’s more? WeSendIt is also conscious of its sharing approach. The platform allows you to choose the network over which you’d like to transfer your data. This way, the platform ensures security via decentralization and stores your data redundantly across thousands of availability zones to enhance overall security.

First Mover Advantage

WeSendIt proudly markets itself as the ‘first gateway to a decentralized ecosystem.’ As one of the early movers in the market with years of experience, the project has the ‘first mover’ advantage that provides it all the chances required to boom its operations. 

Besides, it also brings good news to investors. With WeSendIt being the first-ever project, its WSI token would automatically be considered the industry’s benchmark token. This way, it would help increase the token’s popularity and boost its value over time. 

We Send It Profitability: BG’s Case Study

The WeSendIt tokens are all set to be a part of the industry as the project is gearing up for its IEO. Interestingly, while the token might start its journey at $0.032, our expert analysts at Blockchain Gossip expect it to be listed around the $1-$5 range, providing over a 4,50,000% return to the early bird investors. 

While the unique fundamentals and optimistic analysis could help attract potential investors, it isn’t enough to determine the success of the project in the long term. So to help you better, we’ve listed some reasons (apart from the possible returns) why you should be investing in the WSI token. 

Access To Passive Income

Like other crypto projects, WeSendIt also shares a rewarding experience with the users. Once the presale is over, the program plans to launch its staking program to provide passive income to its WSI investors. 

As per its website, the project will design staking programs that would provide an attractive APY of up to 200% APY. Besides, the platform charges 1.5% on a transaction between token holders to provide such services to the holders. 

Rich Roadmap

Next up, the rich roadmap makes WSI tokens worth the investment. For this year, the project has planned several prospects, ranging from the activation of the affiliate program to hot listing and staking of the tokens. 

A strong roadmap indicates that the project is sincere regarding its focus on development. It is also good news for the investors as they won’t be investing in any crypto project. 

Wide Viral Following

Thanks to its presence in the market for over a decade, WeSendIt has already amassed a sizable fan base. Both investors and tech-savvy experts in the cryptocurrency sector have developed favourable opinions about the decentralized transfer platform.

Therefore, even if there isn’t a precise count of investors in the community, our data suggest that a strong community backs WeSendIt. The project has a community with users billions.

WeSendIt On Social Media

Considering how paid PR can fool investors, our experts at Blockchain Gossips also try to determine a token’s success from its social media presence. Keeping the same in mind, our experts analyze different aspects of social media presence for any project. 

Now, talking about WeSenIt, it’s available across platforms like:

  • LinkedIn
  • Telegram
  • Twitter
  • YouTube

While the project has made it available on limited platforms, its regular presence and organic followers are strong evidence of its success. Therefore, we can affirm that WeSendIt is an authentic crypto project, not another PR stunt. 

Why Could Some Investors Avoid Buying WSI?

Investing in cryptos can be an excellent opportunity for both customers and investors. When done strategically, investors can multiply their investment by up to 100x. However, let’s face it; not every investor is suitable for investing in different projects. 

Investors have a different approach when they put their money into a project. However, keeping the same in mind, we’ve curated two segments that define the type of investment WSI can be. So if you’re an investor falling under either of these two categories, we suggest you avoid investing in the project. 

Taxation on Crypto Earnings

Before considering a cryptocurrency investment, investors should consider the taxes imposed on their earnings. In the United States, the Internal Revenue Service sees cryptocurrencies (in our case, TARO) as more of a kind of property than a means of exchange.

As a result, upon receiving such an asset as payment, income taxes must be paid. Therefore, TARO investors should know that long-term and short-term taxes may apply to their returns.

Not Listing On Major Platforms

Some investors may consider it risky to invest in a coin that has yet to be made public on a major platform like eToro. However, its ranking might alter if the presale’s success garners additional attention.

Invest Wisely, Enjoy Your Returns Safely!

The market is filled with new opportunities that provide great returns over time. However, being an investor, you can’t simply put your money into any project. You must first research well and analyze if this is the project for you. All the best!  

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