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RobotEra (TARO) Price Prediction 2023-27

Could TARO be the game-changing crypto token?

  • RobotEra’s pre-sale supply is estimated to be around 270,000,000 TARO. 
  • The pre-sale will conclude at a price range of approximately $0.032.
  • TARO could multiply by 20x by the time it’s listed on any crypto exchange.

While the Metaverse continues to be a relatively fresh concept for the crypto industry, projects as the RobotEra have already hit the investor’s radar. Crypto whales and enthusiasts of all types are seeking to invest in the project, primarily for its future growth potential. 

But will the token make such an impact in the long term? Let’s find out as we explore the project’s different aspects in the following blog sections of our TARO price prediction. 

About RobotEra: An Overview

RobotEra: The Concept

RobotEra is the latest addition to the long list of P2E (Play To Earn) crypto games. This sandbox-styled Metaverse project is based on the planet Taro where users participate as explorers and are responsible for rebuilding the planet. 

The game is focused on merging the unique concepts of Sandbox and Metaverse to create a platform that relies on the imagination of the users. The game presents players as NFT-based robot characters responsible for acquiring resources and developing the world around them. 

Players can build swimming pools, houses, concert halls, and more in the Metaverse. Whatever users create becomes an NFT which can later be traded to develop NFT communities.  

Sitting at the core of these developments is TARO, the in-game ERC-20 token that streamlines operations over the platform. The token can be used to upgrade, customize, or generate passive income, among other concepts within the game. 

Overall, RobotEra aims to provide users with a unique Web 3.0 experience via its platform. 

So now that we have an idea of the RobotEra platform let’s look at the tokenomics that sets it apart from the other available P2E games. 

Tokenomics Of TARO

As the term suggests, ‘Tokenomics’ can be split into two terms, ‘token’ and ‘economics.’ It refers to the demand and supply dynamics of a cryptocurrency project. As mentioned earlier, TARO is the in-house token that streamlines different operations over the RobotEra platform. 

This Ethereum-based ERC-20 token allows players, publishers, and developers to utilize it throughout their development ecosystem. The TARO token also allows the players and creators to exchange resources and develop a platform that rewards users while creating an authentic experience of virtual Metaverse.

To give you a better insight, here’s an overview of the tokenomics that define TARO’s operation as the primary currency over the RobotEra platform:

  • TARO works more like a fiat currency inside RobotEra. The more a user has accumulated the token, the better they can climb up their leadership positions. The more money you have, the better your chances of property ownership or parcels.
  • Once you have enough TARO, investors are also capable of staking their tokens. The platform gives users an increased return after a certain lock-up period. 
  • The TARO tokens can be traded for NFTs in the in-game Metaverse. Or, you could also be using the tokens for advertising and cultivating the sacred in-game trees.
  • NFT holders of the game are also entitled to future airdrops.

The RobotEra ecosystem has a total of 1,800,000,000 TARO tokens that are a part of its supply chain. 

Now, talking about the distribution scheme, the token is said to be allocated percentage-wise. Of the 100%, 2% will be allocated to institutional investors. Additionally, Presales 1, 2, and 3 will comprise 15% of the overall supply.

Another 10% of the remaining 82% goes to the team allocation. Whereas, Advisors of the project are entitled to receive 3% of the token’s total supply. Treasury/DAO and Play-to-Earn Rewards constitute 33% and 25%, respectively. 

Lastly, ECO fund and DEX liquidity comprise 9% and 3% of the total TARO supply in the market.

Presale Stages Of TARO

As mentioned earlier, 15% of the total supply of 1,800,000,000 TARO tokens will be a part of the ‘presales.’ This pre-sale, set to be introduced in three parts, would give investors a chance to bid for the token’s price at a much more affordable rate. 

The token was introduced at a price range of $0.020 per token in the 1st stage of the sale. Following the initial success, the project will raise the cost to $0.25 for the 2nd stage of the presale. This way, early investors will already have a 25% gain. 

Interestingly, the hike doesn’t stand there. Instead, the token will be introduced at $0.032 in the third stage. 

As per the RobotEra whitepaper, the second and third rounds of the presale will be held in Q1 and Q2 of 2023. Here’s an overview of the roadmap:

Presale Stages Of TARO
Since announcing its presale, TARO has successfully concluded the first stage of its sale. In less than three weeks, the pre-sale round collected over $120,000 in funds. 

Overall, TARO is a promising project for investors of all types. Moreover, considering its affordability and price hike during the presale, TARO could be one of the best investments during the crash. 

RobotEra Price Prediction: 2023-27

Predicting the future of the RobotEra token can be challenging, primarily because it’s still at its presale. However, based on the market sentiments, its presale, and the tokenomics that back the project, we’ve come up with assumptions to give you a better insight into the project’s future. 

RobotEra Price Prediction 2023

TARO will be priced at $0.032 by the end of its final presale in 2023. By the time it gets listed on an exchange, we expect the token to have already reached a price of around $0.05. Besides, considering that the market will be primarily bullish for the remainder of the year, we expect TARO to subside around $0.25 by the end of 2023.

RobotEra Price Prediction 2024

2024 is expected to be the year of boom for the RobotEra platform as a gaming project. With the platform now operating at its full potential, this could be the year TARO reaches $0.75. Additionally, if the platform can come up with reliable in-game updates, we can expect the token to hit the $1 mark finally. 

RobotEra Price Prediction 2025

2025 could be the year of change for RobotEra. With the game spending almost two years in the industry, we expect it to have accumulated billions of active users. This way, it could soon be one of the largest gaming platforms, touching a price of around $1.2 by the end of the year.

RobotEra Price Prediction 2026

For 2026, we expect the token to take a dip following a year of a bullish run. Most speculations around the token suggest that TARO will go down to $0.8 for most of the year. However, there might be some revisions by the end of 2026 by the TARO token.

RobotEra Price Prediction 2027

RobotEra may become increasingly popular by 2027. As a result, we expect the token to return from its previous year’s low. By the end of 2027, TARO might be reaching the level of $1.2. However, if the platform is consistent with its Meta developments, there might also be a breakthrough. 

These RobotEra price predictions suggest a bright future for the platform. However, talking about the price movement of the token, it is better to only invest by gaining prior knowledge of the project.


Our experts have automatically estimated a positive price for tokens that are on presale or have no data points. Therefore, we suggest you invest only after you’ve read the project’s whitepaper. Lastly, before you’ve invested, keep in mind that the coin’s price, which you will see here, might drop significantly based on several variables.

What Makes Robot Era Worth The Investment?

RobotEra’s key USP is its ‘shared multiverse’ experience that it tends to provide to crypto gamers. The platform allows players to engage and collaborate for a gaming experience. However, that’s not all! 

So here’s an overview of the different tokens that make RobotEra worth the investment: 

Play-To-Earn Feature

Topping the list of unique fundamentals for RobotEra is its P2E or Play-To-Earn concept. As the name suggests, P2E is a relatively new concept that pays its users every time they play the game. These games generally pay users in the form of digital assets like NFTs or tokens, which they can later convert into fiat tokens. 

Similarly, RobotEra provides users with an immersive gaming experience where they get involved in activities like exploration, mining, battle, and creation. In addition to the gameplay, users have the option to use unique in-game methods like selling NFTs, raising sacred trees, staking tokens, and running advertisements, among other methods. 

All-in-One Platform

Many of the Web 3.0 games are limited to the P2E format. However, this is where RobotEra steps out to be unique. The platform provides a holistic Blockchain-building experience for the users who have signed up for the platform. Additionally, RobotEra incorporates different elements of non-fungible tokens into the gameplay. Once signed up, users gain access to ERC-1155 (robot companions) and ERC-721 (land/continent) tokens representing user-generated digital assets. 

Such ERC tokens, when incorporated with the concept of smart contracts, connect the token to individual users. This way, every token comes with a particular identifier and may also comprise selectively stored unique features. Users and unique IDs will be connected to the Metaverse via robot avatars. 

Unique Attributes

RobotEra’s special features significantly boost the usability of the game. The increased usefulness significantly contributes to the rise in TARO token price. However, you will only be able to set yourself apart from other players if, for instance, you are a Metaverse fan and have signed up for RobotEra and receive an NFT avatar. Your NFT avatar-like 3D character will serve as your unique virtual identity during your Taro adventure.

Similarly, the platform gives customers access to various properties with various requirements, topographies, and resources. These lands are even available for purchase, and players are free to do whatever they want, including building homes, mining, gathering minerals, and many other unique activities. Further, players may even modify the robot friends’ looks with the robot editor’s help. These friends may even be exchanged, giving gamers a fantastic money source.

DAO Governance

The DAO Governance is another factor that raises the credibility of this platform and its tokens for investors. In simple terms, DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) governance represents decentralization where there is no centralized leadership or official system. Every player participating in the game can specify or propose the tactics used by their faction or how the tokens might be used for their treasury.

Additionally, once the users have accumulated enough tokens, they can engage in governance and become managers by pledging their tokens. This way, these players get the right to determine the game’s future development direction. This way, players are responsible for re-building the TARO planet and making the most of the platform post its reconstruction. 

Staking Of TARO Tokens

Passive income is one of the go-to options for users of any type. Talking of the same, you can’t overlook the effectiveness of TARO tokens for the same. Users signing up for the RobotEra platform can stake their tokens to earn additional returns once they’ve locked up their tokens for a specific time. 

For instance, if you lock up 10 TARO tokens for a specific time (say 3 months), you’ll receive around 13 tokens once the lock-in period is over. This staking feature alone makes RobotEra one of the most profitable deals for its investors.

RobotEra Profitability: BG’s Case Study

The RobotEra tokens are already devised to go on presale in three phases. Interestingly, with every presale, the token’s price is expected to boom by a specific percentage. At the end of the three-stage presale, we can expect the token to have increased by 25-40%, even before being listed on an exchange. 

While it is true that a mere price increase could significantly attract potential investors, the change isn’t enough to transform into a huge demand at the time of its launch. One of the primary reasons investors of all sizes are flocking into the presale is to increase their investments by 40%, eventually selling the token as it’s listed. 

But if our analysis at Blockchain Gossip is to be believed, we’re optimistic about the token’s positive performance post its listing. 

Here are a few reasons (apart from the investment angle) why we think TARO could be a leading market performer:

Wide Viral Following

While the concept of RobotEra is relatively new, the game has managed to amass a huge following in a very short time. In addition, the game has established a positive reputation in the crypto market among investors and tech-savvy enthusiasts. 

So although there’s no specific number of investors in the community, our research suggests that RobotEra enjoys a massive following. If estimates are to be believed, the community is already thriving with a million followers. 

Appeal To Gamers

Next up, it’s RobotEra’s appeal to gamers that makes it one of the unique investment opportunities. The new avenues that investors can obtain are quite appealing. Overall, RobotEra aims to become an avenue like The Sandbox where players can make the most of their imagination. 

This Metaverse provides them with a platform to own land, build robots, and participate in the construction of the Taro universe. What’s more? As per the game’s roadmap, RobotEra is all set to introduce a fresh update every three months and will be completely adaptive to change as per the feedback from the community.

High Utility For Holders

Another benefit of investing in TARO is the utility factor that adds to the investor’s forte. Once you have accumulated enough TARO tokens, you can gain via investments in the platform. Besides, you needn’t pay to trade actively if you want to have good returns from your investment.

As per the project’s whitepaper, RobotEra will provide comprehensive information about the listing dates of upcoming coins, active presale, and other market-profitable prospects. Considering how it’s challenging to find dependable, trustworthy information about investment opportunities, TARO is a reliable project worth the investment. 

RobotEra On Social Media

Considering how paid PR pumps the crypto projects these days, it’s hard to trust any crypto project. However, as per our extensive research, RobotEra has a promising presence across social media formats of all types. 

You can easily find RobotEra on platforms like:

  • Discord
  • LinkedIn
  • Telegram
  • Twitter
  • YouTube

Additionally, their regular presence across such platforms makes it an authentic project. 

Why Could Some Investors Avoid Buying TARO?

For both investors and consumers, investing in cryptocurrencies is highly interesting. However, before making any investment, one must evaluate risk tolerance and other relevant variables to make promising returns on cryptocurrency investments.

Investors must conduct exhaustive due research before investing in a cryptocurrency. However, if you’re an investor under these two categories, we suggest you avoid buying TARO. 

Taxation on Crypto Earnings

Investors should consider the taxes levied on their gains before making cryptocurrency investments. This is because the Internal Revenue Service views cryptocurrencies (in our instance, TARO) as a property rather than a form of payment in the United States.

As a result, income taxes must be paid when receiving such an asset as payment. As a result, TARO investors must know that their returns may be subject to taxation over the long and short term.

Not Listing on Major Platforms

Investing in a token that has yet to be published on a significant platform like eToro may be considered dangerous by some investors. However, things can change if its standing improves and the presale’s success draws more notice.

Invest Wisely, And Enjoy Your Returns Safely!

The market is filled with investment opportunities. However, you shouldn’t be investing in any project under FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out). Any investment choice made in the current volatile market should be preceded by thoroughly examining all pertinent variables.

Lastly, before making a bitcoin investment, it is important to consider the business strategy, website, staff, whitepaper, and any current partnerships in the industry. Remember, as an investor, you can also reduce investment risk by keeping the return on investment (ROI) in mind.

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