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Is all set to revolutionize adult entertainment by putting NFT into the mix?

  • recently concluded its presale stages, raising a hard cap of $4240000
  • The native token DOLZ is set for public listing on QuickSwap and UniSwap on the 11th of January, 2023.
  • has audited the platform and found no red flags whatsoever. 

The crypto industry has been growing at an unprecedented pace over the past few years. One notable development in the industry is the adoption of NFTs, ranging from in-game assets to collectibles and avatars. One such noteworthy project on this front is the metaverse created by Totem Media. 

The has several unique characteristics that set it apart from most other crypto projects. But does this make worth your investment? First, let’s dive in and understand what the future has in store for 

About An Overview  the Concept is a distinct adult metaverse created by the veteran company specializing in adult content, Totem Media. The company has long been associated with creating and distributing adult content on a massive scale. is not the only project for Totem Media since the company has also created the first erotic virtual reality game called VR Paradise in 2018. was conceptualized in 2021 and finally materialized in 2022. The metaverse has many features and functionalities that cater to the needs of both NFT collectors and gamers. But more importantly, benefits from the existing Steam community of iStripper and VR Paradise. allows users to watch, play, collect, and earn NFTs based on their teams. Like every other crypto project, even comes with a native currency called DOLZ. This token helps facilitate all the transactions within the metaverse. offers two primary NFT collections that include:

  • VR Paradise NFT: This is a 3D NFT collection designed for the VR Paradise platform. Users can use the collection for maintaining a gallery for the metaverse and multiplayer mode coming with 
  • iStripper NFT Collection: The iStripper boasts a community with more than 200,000 members. Every NFT card you buy allows you to use the same for unlocking a 40-minute-long erotic show.       

Tokenomics Of

As mentioned earlier, DOLZ is the native token supporting the ecosystem. DOLZ comes with a capped supply of 1,000,000,000 tokens, each worth $0.012. In addition, the Ethereum Blockchain network supports the DOLZ token, and you can buy them using USDC and USDT tokens


The presale stages of started in late November 2022, with 180,000,000 DOLZ tokens being up for grabs during the presale stages. As a result, the token distribution from the total supply of DOLZ tokens is more complex than you might imagine.

40% of the tokens have been set aside for the public, 18% as a reserve, 15% for marketing, 8% for liquidity, 4% for early investors, 8% for the team, 5% for the referral bonus, and the remaining 2% for advisors. This ensures that every stakeholder gets their share of DOLZ tokens while allowing the platform to raise sufficient funds for sustaining its operations. 

Presale Stages of presale stages started on the 23rd of November 2022 and concluded on the 7th of December 2022. This presale was divided into two different stages; the first catered to the needs of early investors, and the second made the token available for everyone. 

The first round of the presale allocated 140,000,000 DOLZ tokens for a price of $0.008, enabling the platform to raise a hard cap of $1,120,000. This round also came with a minimum investment requirement of $250 and a maximum cap on investment of $20,000.

Besides that, investors in the first round will get other perks, such as an airdrop of the VR Paradise NFT and iStripper Trading Card. They will also be entitled to early access on the first NFT drops and boosted APRs on stacking pools.   

Presale Stages of

The second round of the presale allocated a supply of 260,000,000 DOLZ tokens for a price of $0.012 for each token. This was the second and final round of the presale, which was open to everyone and enabled the platform to raise a hard cap of $3,120,000. 

Even though this round came with a minimum investment requirement of $100, there was no cap or maximum investment here. In addition, investors in the second presale are entitled to perks such as benefiting from the airdrop of the VR Paradise NFT and the iStripper Trading Card. (DOLZ) Price Prediction: 2023-27

The crypto market is one of the most volatile markets where things can change drastically in just a few days. As a result, predicting the future of any crypto is one of the most challenging tasks. Thus, our experts rely on existing market data and trends to decipher the future of different cryptos. 

Considering that is one of the latest additions to the market, there is little information available about the token. However, we can arrive at some conclusions based on the existing data and market sentiments. Therefore, let’s dive into the price predictions to get better clarity on the matter. 

DOLZ Price Prediction 2023

2023 marks a crucial year for the DOLZ token since it will debut in the market this year. The token concluded its final presale stage for a worth of $0.012, and the market sentiments towards it seem optimistic. 

This is evidence to expect a bullish run from the token this year. As a result, DOLZ will likely reach a worth of at least $0.015 and a maximum of $0.020 by the end of this year.        

DOLZ Price Prediction 2024   

Most experts are optimistic that 2024 will be an outstanding year for the crypto industry, which has suffered from a bearish run since the start of 2022. The market will likely get started on its recovery in 2023, and the same will reflect in its performance by 2024. With that in mind, the DOLZ token will reach a worth of at least $0.025 by the end of 2024.       

DOLZ Price Prediction 2025

The popularity of the VR industry will only increase in the years to come. DOLZ can leverage this opportunity and enhance its offerings to reach newer heights. Considering the rising popularity and demand for VR-related adult content, DOLZ will likely increase by 2025. With that in mind, the DOLZ token will at least reach a worth of $0.035 by the end of 2025. 

 DOLZ Price Prediction 2026

While the crypto market is as unpredictable as it gets, things will likely remain better for the DOLZ token in the years to come. This is because the popularity of the NFT is growing significantly, and combining this with adult content creates the ideal recipe. 

Considering these indicators, it is fair to conclude that the DOLZ token will be worth at least $0.07 by the end of 2026. It could reach $0.05 if everything works well for the metaverse platform.   

DOLZ Price Prediction 2027

2027 is still a long way down the road, and many things can change by that time. But since we have no access to the historical price movement of the new DOLZ token, we still need to predict its prices based on projections. But these projections are well throughout and thoroughly calculated to help us reach a feasible conclusion. 

Considering the increasing demand for adult content in the digital metaverse, DOLZ tokens will likely be worth at least $0.055 to a maximum of $0.060 by the end of 2027. 

Looking at these DOLZ price predictions, it seems very likely that has a bright future. But these figures are still predictions, and there is no way to be so certain about the future. Hence, it only makes sense to do some research and due diligence before investing your money in the DOLZ token.   

Note: The future of is bright since the demand for adult content is not going away anytime soon. But you can still afford to uphold the highly volatile nature of the crypto market. 

You must study the market and the token in great detail to better understand what the future holds for This is important since it will help you get a first idea of the entire ordeal and help you make your decisions accordingly. 

What Makes Worth Your Investment?

Almost every cryptocurrency of this decade has something new and unique that makes it worth your investment or participation. Hence it is no surprise that even the metaverse offers many distinct characteristics that set it apart from others. But are these characteristics enough to convince you to invest in the DOLZ.token?

Check out some of these unique characteristics of and make an informed decision yourself. 

Appealing Referral Bonus

The metaverse platform has many perks that make it worth your investment. But one of its most outstanding perks is the amazing referral program of the platform. However, since is new, it needs some effective marketing tactics to attract new users and investors. does so with its unique referral program, where you can earn DOLZ tokens by inviting others to the platform. The best part is that you can earn a bonus of 5% of the total amount invested in DOLZ. So, for example, if your friend invests $1000 in DOLZ tokens, you can eat a bonus of $50. 

Watch And Play To Earn BabyDolz

The platform has many offerings to keep its users entertained. In addition, the platform has many apps and games you can use and create value for other developers and players. In turn, you will be rewarded with BabyDolz tokens, the in-game asset of 

You can then sell this in-game asset to other players in the universe. In addition, there is a dedicated secondary market platform where you can sell your BabyDolz tokens and earn more stable tokens and crypto assets. Finally, you can earn more BabyDolz tokens by watching shows and playing games on iStripper.    

Staking And Other Uses of BabyDolz

The metaverse platform offers ample opportunity to amplify your returns with minimal hassle. One effective way to generate better returns is through the BabyDolz, the DOLZ reward currency. Of course, you cannot trade this token, but you can use it for staking and adding liquidity on Uniswap and Pancakeswap platforms. will then reward you for this with rare NFT collectibles. You can even use BabyDolz to unlock mystery boxes that store unique NFTs from varied collections. There are also certain mystery boxes only available exclusively to Babydolz holders. Besides that, you can use your BabyDolz holdings to access other features on VR Paradise and iStripper. Fan Tokens has this unique characteristic where it provides its users with DOLZ fan tokens. These tokens will help you get more power and influence while helping you become a part of the decision-making associated with your favorite app or game. Besides that, having fan tokens also allow you to vote for the next VR Paradise strip club map. 

Every DOLZ fan token holder automatically gets the right to vote for the next NFT collection, the next iStripper model, shooting, and even outfits. iStripper hosts events like the talent of the month or year program for its strippers. Having fan tokens enables you to cast your votes and influence these decisions. Lastly, fan tokens give you access to many VIP rewards, promotions, and games. 

NFT Creators Ecosystem metaverse is a crypto platform that thrives on community engagement and leaves no stone unturned when encouraging such engagements. The platform also rewards you for all your input in creating value for the platform. The more value you create on you will be rewarded with iStripper software skins, new items, adult cards, outfits, and more. 

The platform offers a distinct NFT creator platform where designers and artists can create unique NFTs. You can then use these NFTs in partner platforms such as the VR Paradise and iStripper apart from using them for games in the platform. The platform will provide you with all the resources and tools for creating your NFTs. Profitability: BG’s Case Study is one of the most distinct metaverse platforms that cater to the requirements of a vast and specific target audience. This certainly increases the chances of the token becoming a big hit quickly. 

But even so, you must undermine that is a relatively new project, and the crypto market is volatile as always. So while you get your hopes up about, you must remain mindful of all the developments in the market. 

With that out, chances are high that will succeed with enough time. Our experts have evaluated every platform aspect and could not find any flaw. 

Still, trying to figure out No worries! Check out these reasons justifying why can be a success. 

Partner NFTs And Ecosystem

One of the best things about is its nuanced collaborations and partnerships with other prominent players in the adult content industry. Apart from iStripper and VR Paradise, the platform has well-established partnerships with more than 1300 erotic models and pornstars. 

This is ideal for enhancing the platform’s reach and countering other hurdles common among new crypto projects. Being a part of will benefit all the stakeholders given enough time. 

VR Museum

Every DOLZ collector will get access to their own VR showroom, which is a place where you can showcase your most prized NFTs. You can customize the showroom per your needs and preference and ensure it stands out. 

Besides that, you even have the option to either keep these showrooms public or private. You can even popularize your VR showroom by sharing it across social media platforms. 

NFT Marketplace

What is the point of having highly-priced NFTs if you cannot sell or trade them? But, again, this should be fine with since it comes well-equipped with its NFT marketplace. 

You can trade, sell, and buy NFTs from all the collectibles you possess within the metaverse. This provides you to earn crypto assets such as BNB, USDT, and ETH. On Social Media 

Every crypto project must maintain a robust social media presence to enhance its reach. does an excellent job of maintaining such a presence across multiple social media platforms. 

You can easily find on social media platforms such as:

  • Discord
  • Twitter 
  • Reddit
  • LinkedIn 
  • Telegram

Overall; we’re convinced by the platform’s presence in different media outlets. It’s not just another PR stunt that adds high hype but no utility to a project. 

Why Should Some Investors Avoid Investing in

There is no debate about the quality of offerings that offers. The platform does an excellent job of providing users with unmatched value. But that does not protect it from the volatile factors of the crypto market. 

You must evaluate all the platform’s nuances and make your decision accordingly. Some research and due diligence can go a long way on this front. But even so, investors under the following two categories must avoid investing in for the time being. 

Inadequate Knowledge About Blockchain Technology 

Although Blockchain technology has been around for quite some time, not everyone can wrap their heads around it. Stepping into this volatile market with an understanding of the basics can have beneficial consequences. Instead, you must learn more about the technology and consider investing in    

Lower Risk Appetite

Every cryptocurrency and NFT comes with a certain degree of risk, and is no exception here. Even if it seems very unlikely, things can still go South with, and investors might lose their funds. If you cannot afford to take that risk, you should hold on to your investments for the time being. 

Capitalize on Your Fantasies With!

There is no shortage of crypto projects in the market, but only a few offers what has to offer. The platform opens numerous doors and possibilities to help people experience pleasure and amplify their returns simultaneously. 

Besides that, is also great for entertainment, be it through games or shows; it has it all. So make sure you take advantage of something this extraordinary and unique. All the best!

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