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ArtyFact Web3 Metaverse (ARTY): Price Prediction 2023-27

Is ArtyFact the next game changer in the Metaverse Web 3.0 play-to-earn universe?  

  • ArtyFact (ARTY) pre-sales started on the 11th of October 2022 and will last till the 11th of February 2023. 
  • The platform has already completed 84% of its pre-sales, with a price of $0.28 for each ARTY token. 
  • ArtyFact (ARTY) seed sale started on the 10th of April 2022 and lasted till the 1st of May 2022, with each ARTY worth $0.25. 

The Metaverse play-to-earn gaming sphere has been growing at an unprecedented pace over the past few years. As a result, people can earn cryptocurrencies for the first time by playing games in the Metaverse. Something like this would sound like a dream two decades ago, but it is an avid reality today. Of all such projects, ArtyFact (ARTY) has earned itself quite a reputation among enthusiasts.   

But is this reason enough for you to invest in the ArtyFact projects? First, let’s dive into the price predictions of ArtyFact (ARTY) to understand better what’s in store for the future of the token. 

ArtyFact: An Overview

ArtyFact: The Concept 

ArtyFact is a Web 3 Metaverse play-to-earn game that combines unique characteristics of the Metaverse and gaming to give users a wholesome experience. The platform allows users to earn appealing rewards while playing games and even creating gaming projects. 

According to the project’s whitepaper, ArtyFact revolves around three primary elements: gaming, event, and the NFT marketplace. The gaming element allows players to be a part of a multiplayer play-to-earn game, enabling them to earn NFTs and ARTY, the native currency of the project.  

These games offer the finest graphic quality, with distinct playability and gameplay coupled with numerous modes for a superior experience. On the other hand, the blockchain helps gamers ensure they get genuine ownership of the gaming items. But the catch is that they can trade these items as NFTs without complications.         

Then comes the event element, allowing users to create different free and paid events. These events can be anything from NFT exhibitions to virtual concerts, runway shows, and other relevant events such as meetings. Finally, to wrap it all up comes the NFT marketplace, where you can buy, sell, and trade NFTs with other players within the ecosystem.   

Tokenomics Of ARTY

As with every other crypto project in the market, even ArtyFact comes with a native currency called ARTY. The Binance Smart Chain (BSC) blockchain network supports the said currency. Players can use the ARTY currency to buy in-game items, govern the DAO, stake, and even buy NFTs. 

The ArtyFact (ARTY) token comes with a capped supply of 25,000,000 tokens making it a deflationary asset. This is made possible with the play-to-earn model, which helps maintain a constant demand for the token, increasing its value gradually.

Out of the total of 25,000,000 ArtyFact (ARTY) tokens, 15% is set aside for the treasury, 20% for liquidity and listings, 6% for teams and advisors, 20% for ICO and IDO, 15% for marketing, 3% for foundation, and 21% for staking and farming. 

The initial circulating supply of the ArtyFact (ARTY) token stands at 340,000 tokens, and the initial market cap stands at $211,200. Besides that, the fully diluted market cap of ArtyFact (ARTY) stands at $7.5 million.         

More importantly, the ArtyFact (ARTY) token holds unmatched value compared to most other crypto projects in the market. You can use the token to purchase event tickets and NFTs, play play-to-earn games and staking, and even gain voting rights on the platform.   

Pre-Sale Stages of ArtyFact (ARTY)

Recent crypto projects have found an effective way to raise money for their projects. They do it through pre-sale, where investors can buy the token at discounted prices. But ArtyFact (ARTY) took this further with its seed sale.

The ArtyFact (ARTY) preceded the pre-sales. The seed sale started on the 10th of April 2022 and lasted till the 1st of May 2022. During this period, ArtyFact (ARTY) raised $650,000 by selling each ArtyFact (ARTY) token for $0.25.

Then came the pre-sales, which started on the 11th of October 2022 and will last till the 11th of February 2023. During this phase, you can buy ArtyFact (ARTY) tokens for $0.28 each, and the platform has already completed 84% of the pre-sale stage.   

After completing the pre-sale stages, ArtyFact (ARTY) will gear up for its IDO, where each token will be worth $0.38. Following this, the platform will start listing the token on CEX exchanges and DEX exchanges.

ArtyFact (ARTY) Price Prediction: 2023-27

The volatile nature of crypto has made headlines countless times over many years. As a result, predicting the prices of a cryptocurrency in the long term becomes very challenging. However, looking at the success of its presale and the overall optimism surrounding the project, we’re mostly positive about the success of ArtyFact and its possible future. 

But even so, you must conduct your research and due diligence to understand the market and make your decisions accordingly. So, with that out of the way, let’s dive into ArtyFact (ARTY) price predictions to understand the future of ArtyFact (ARTY).

ArtyFact Price Prediction 2023

2023 will be a critical year for the ArtyFact’s (ARTY) crypto project for several different reasons. First, the token will be listed on different exchanges and conclude its pre-sales stages by February 2023.

Now that 2023 will invite a bullish run in the market, it is safe to conclude that ArtyFact (ARTY) will reach $0.40 by the end of 2023. But you must still be mindful of its price movements since the token is still new.

ArtyFact Price Prediction 2024

2024 will likely be a better year for the crypto market, reflecting in the token’s prices. Even most experts are optimistic about ArtyFact (ARTY) performance in 2024, given the latest market trends. 

All these factors will undoubtedly positively impact the ArtyFact (ARTY) token and the crypto market as a whole. Keeping this in mind, ArtyFact (ARTY) will reach at least $0.50 by December 2024. 

ArtyFact Price Prediction 2025

By reaching 2025, things will change significantly for the overall crypto market. However, given the current market indicators, this change will likely be positive and enhance the performance of new-generation crypto projects like ArtyFact (ARTY). 

So presuming things go as planned, ArtyFact (ARTY) will at least breach the $0.50 mark by 2025. 

ArtyFact (ARTY) Price Prediction 2026

Following the collapse of FTX in late 2022, people are now more interested in value-driven crypto projects like ArtyFact (ARTY). This phenomenon will continue for years, and its positive impact will reflect on the token’s valuation in 2026 and beyond. 

Considering the current market indicators, it looks likely that ArtyFact (ARTY) will reach at least $0.60 by the end of 2026. 

ArtyFact Price Prediction 2027 

2027 is still a long way down the road, and many things can change by this time. Besides that, it is worth considering that ArtyFact (ARTY) is a relatively new project. As a result, it’s almost impossible to predict the token’s price movement in the future.

But considering the current trends in the market, it looks pretty likely that ArtyFact (ARTY) will at least reach $0.70 by December 2023. 

Given the ArtyFact (ARTY) price predictions mentioned earlier, ArtyFact (ARTY) will perform very well. But even so, you must do your research and due diligence to understand the market better and decide accordingly. 


The crypto market has long held a reputation for its volatile nature. Even the slightest change in the global economy can trigger a frenzy in this market. Hence predicting the prices of crypto tokens in years to come becomes very challenging. 

So, you must research and do due diligence before investing in this market. This will help you make informed decisions and even bring down the chances of incurring a loss. 

What Makes ArtyFact (ARTY) Worth Your Investment?

Crypto projects of today’s generation are designed to serve a specific purpose, and ArtyFact (ARTY) is no exception. So naturally, these projects tend to have distinct characteristics that set them apart. 

Understanding these characteristics helps you better understand the token and its goal. So let’s check why you should consider investing in ArtyFact (ARTY) in 2023 and beyond. 

Integrated PAE Games 

There are many reasons you should consider investing in ArtyFact (ARTY), but one of the primary reasons is the play-to-earn gaming feature of the platform. Of course, everybody enjoys playing games, but ArtyFact (ARTY) takes this further by allowing people to earn while playing these games. 

You can even play these games in multiplayer modes to engage your friends and others. In addition, every game you play on the platform allows you to earn rewards in the form of ArtyFact (ARTY) tokens. You can then use these tokens for different purposes and exchange them for fiat currencies and other cryptocurrencies.                      

NFT Marketplace

NFTs are an integral part of the entire ArtyFact experience; hence, the platform even provides users with an NFT marketplace. This makes it much easier to trade, buy and sell NFTs with other players and participants in the game. 

ArtyFact (ARTY) offers several different NFTs designed to highlight specific elements of the platform. In addition, you can get NFTs that cater to certain specific categories, including clothes, weapon skins, and even estates. You can then trade these NFTs in the marketplace and amplify your returns like a pro. 

Metaverse Advertising

To make the entire idea of the Metaverse a feasible and profitable endeavor for traders and investors, there has to be a form of monetary incentive. However, finding a suitable form of monetary incentive is always challenging for these platforms. 

But ArtyFact (ARTY) has found an effective solution to this problem thanks to its virtual billboards. This allows businesses to advertise their offerings within the platform and gain new customers. Moreover, you can own these billboards and earn appealing returns in exchange.

Exciting Events

When you become a player in the ArtyFact (ARTY) ecosystem, you also become an active participant in a community. Being a part of this community is great in many ways and gives you an excellent opportunity to connect and engage with like-minded people. 

ArtyFact (ARTY) takes this step further by allowing people to organize virtual events on the platform. These events can either be paired or free based on their offerings and expectations from participants. Also, these virtual events can range from virtual concerts to NFT exhibitions, meetings, and even runaway shows. 

Features Designed For Brands and Influencers

ArtyFact (ARTY) is one of those few crypto projects that have got it all in many ways. The platform has specific features designed only for brands and influencers, allowing them to interact with their audience and drive better engagement. 

Besides that, the ArtyFact (ARTY) platform also helps people leverage the benefit of cooperative gaming. You can even benefit from features such as event sponsorship, virtual merchandise creation, and much more. This makes ArtyFact (ARTY) the ideal platform for helping brands and influencers connect with their audience and have fun simultaneously.    

ArtyFact (ARTY) Profitability: BG’s Case Study

ArtyFact (ARTY) is set to conclude its pre-sales in February, with the project already raising 84% of its total pre-sale funds. This sure is a tell-tale sign of a performant crypto project that will grow and reach greater heights in the future. 

But more than this is needed to ensure the project’s success in the long run. There is still room for many things that can [potentially go wrong, given the volatile nature of the market. This makes it imperative you do your research and due diligence to understand the project better and make your decision accordingly. 

Yet, the ArtyFact (ARTY) is a promising crypto project in many ways. Our experts at Blockchain Gossip are positive about ArtyFact’s future and its potential to realize more significant goals in the years to come. 

But many might still feel pessimistic about the project since it’s new and there’s very little information about it. If you feel that way, here are some reasons you should consider investing in ArtyFact (ARTY). 

eSports Tournaments

ArtyFact (ARTY) offers much more than your standard play-to-earn gaming platforms. The platform allows users to partake in international eSports tournaments regularly. This ensures effective and healthy competition among participants to keep things interesting. So make sure you check out these eSports tournaments on the platform. 

Multiple Game Modes 

Most play-to-earn crypto projects often need help to keep things interesting long-term. But ArtyFact (ARTY) does an excellent job on this front, thanks to its multiple gaming modes. You can play games in deathmatch, team deathmatch, control, and even battle royal modes. All these modes have unique characteristics to ensure you get nothing short of the best with ArtyFact (ARTY).

Numerous Gaming NFTs

Playing simple games with the ability to customize the interface can make it easier. But that will never be the case with ArtyFact (ARTY) since the platform offers numerous gaming NFTs. These NFTs ensure you genuine ownership of all your in-game assets. This can be anything from avatars, weapon skins, clothes, houses, and apartments within the Metaverse ecosystem. 

ArtyFact (ARTY) On Social Media 

Over the past couple of years, social media has become a highly effective marketing tool to help businesses spread the word about their offerings. ArtyFact (ARTY) also uses social media to its advantage by ensuring an avid presence across multiple social media platforms. 

You can easily find ArtyFact (ARTY) across social media platforms such as;

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • YouTube
  • Instagram
  • Discord
  • Medium
  • Telegram

This avid presence across social media platforms ensures that ArtyFact (ARTY) will successfully drive better engagement and easily reach new audiences. 

Why Should Some Investors Avoid Investing in ArtyFact?

There is no argument that ArtyFact (ARTY) is one of the finest crypto projects currently available in the market. But this only makes the project a suitable investment for some since different individuals have different requirements. 

Hence everyone must do their research and due diligence to understand the technicalities of the platform and make their decision accordingly. Even so, people from the following two categories must avoid investing in ArtyFact (ARTY). 

Ineffective Understanding Of Blockchain Technology

The advent of blockchain technology is certainly a step in the right direction for humankind. But this technology is also very layered and complex in many ways, making it challenging for people to understand. So if there are gaps in your knowledge about blockchain, it is better to refrain from investing in ArtyFact (ARTY) for the time being.     

Low-Risk Appetite 

Chances are high that ArtyFact (ARTY) will succeed tremendously in the years to come. But you must acknowledge that these are still just chances, and things can still go wrong with the project. So if you cannot afford such risks, avoiding investing in the project and waiting for a couple more years is better. 

Gaming And Earning With a Single Platform is Now a Possibility

ArtyFact (ARTY) is a great platform that caters to the needs of both crypto investors and gamers. People should take advantage of such platforms to realize their investment goals while simultaneously having fun. 

You must do your research and due diligence to understand its offerings better and decide accordingly. This will reduce the chances of loss and help secure your investment for good.


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