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ARAW (ARAW) Price Prediction 2023-27

Is ARAW (ARAW) ready to transform the eCommerce sector?

  • ARAW (ARAW) simplifies eCommerce payment with the potential of Blockchain.  
  • ARAW (ARAW) will likely reach a valuation of $0.000047 in 4 more years.
  • ARAW (ARAW) reached its all-time high valuation of $0.1562 on the 13th of April 2022.

The eCommerce sector has been growing at an unprecedented pace over the past few years. Moreover, the onset of the covid pandemic in early 2020 forced people home, which further increased and accelerated the growth of the eCommerce sectors. However, payments have always been a complication for stakeholders in this sector trying to find an effective solution. This is where crypto projects like ARAW (ARAW) fill the void.   

But how successful has ARAW (ARAW) been in realizing that goal, and is it worth your investment? First, let’s check out the nuances of the project and determine if it is worth your investment. 

About  ARAW: An Overview 

ARAW (ARAW): The Concept

The eCommerce sector is growing, and businesses are scaling at an unprecedented rate to meet rising demands. However, the industry needs to leverage the perks of cryptocurrencies and benefit from their decentralized nature. This is a shocker considering most business sectors are already adopting Blockchain technology to deliver better services and experiences. 

Thankfully, this is now changing with the advent of the ARAW crypto project conceptualized in 2016. This is a decentralized payment ecosystem supported by the Ethereum Blockchain. The project aims to increase the adoption of Blockchain technology across different business spheres, but its primary focus revolves around the eCommerce sector. 

ARAW is the first crypto project to bring together the perks of the eCommerce sector and combine them with the potential of Blockchain. With end-to-end solutions for the eCommerce sector, the project has many distinct offerings that set it apart. For example, it provides users with the option of the Touch and Pay Cryptocurrency feature, unified reward systems, and online crypto payment. 

The primary intent behind the launch of the ARAW platform is to facilitate the creation of a unique decentralized payment ecosystem explicitly designed for eCommerce. This will increase the adoption of Blockchain among businesses in the industry and help people leverage the perks of decentralization when shopping online. In addition, companies use ARAW to incentivize customers and increase their sales with minimal effort.          

ARAW also has a native token called the ARAW token that supports all transactions within the ecosystem. The project has concluded its presale and ICO by 2019 and is now available for trading across multiple crypto exchanges. 

ARAW Performance Over The Years: Quick Recap For 2020-22

The ARAW project was established in 2016, which makes it a relatively older crypto project compared to more new crypto projects currently available in the market. The project took almost two years to strengthen its fundamentals before it could start raising funds. Finally, in 2018 the native token of the ARAW platform was up for grabs among investors. 

The ARAW launched its presale on the 1st of July 2018, which lasted only a month until the 31st of July 2018. During this period, one ARAW token was worth $0.01, a relatively fair price for crypto projects. Unfortunately, the project could not reach its entire presale fundraising goal by that time, thanks to the bearish run of the crypto market then. 

The crypto project then commenced its public sale on the 10th of September 2018, which lasted till the 15th of February 2019. During this period, the project raised over $9,000,000, bringing it closer to its goal. Furthermore, one ARAW token was worth $0.01 during that period, and people were excited about its future as per the market sentiments of the period. 

Soon after that, the token’s prices spiked in April 2019, reaching about $0.016 but only to lose that momentum very soon. After the spike in April, the ARAW token continued to tread on a bearish trend for the remainder of 2019. By December 2029, one ARAW token was worth about $0.0001642, much lower than many had expected. 

The same trend stuck around with the token even in 2020, when it started the year with a valuation of $0.0000845. Barring a couple of spikes here and there, the token’s prices continued to tread on a bearish trend. Ultimately, it closed 2020 with a valuation of just $0.00000683. 

But 2021 was likely one of the most noteworthy years in the history of the ARAW token. The token started the year with a bearish sentiment, but this changed by late January 2021, with ARAW reaching $0.0001386 after a very long. By April 2021, the ARAW reached a valuation of $0.000586. 

ARAW prices continued to flicker throughout the rest of the year, but its final spike was noticed by the end of May 2021 when the token reached $0.0001586. But this was all for the token since its prices continued to decrease throughout the year. Ultimately, the ARAW token concluded 2021 with a valuation of $0.0002618. 

Then came 2022, along with the long crypto winter triggered by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. But somehow, the ARAW reached its all-time high value of $0.01590 on the 13th of April 2022. But this was followed by China’s ban on cryptocurrencies, followed by the entire FTX fiasco in late 2022. So the ARAW token ultimately concluded 2022 with a valuation of about $0.000013. 

As of January 2023, the ARAW token is worth $0.00001528 with a market cap of $30,454 and a fully diluted market cap of $71,391. There are currently 1,993,576,188 ARAW tokens circulating out of the total supply of $4,665,366,360 ARAW tokens. 

Unique Fundamentals Of The ARAW (ARAW) Token

Every crypto project of today’s day and age is designed with the intent to solve some specific issues. The same goes for the ARAW (ARAW) project that aims to make eCommerce payment more accessible and efficient. As a result, some unique characteristics of the project set it apart from most other crypto projects of the day. So let’s check them out and better understand the project. 


Despite the growing popularity of cryptocurrencies, most businesses are still reluctant to accept crypto in exchange for their offerings. This is primarily because most people still need to understand cryptocurrencies, making it challenging to trust the token. Unfortunately, this mindset hinders the growth and adoption of cryptocurrencies. 


But ARAW (ARAW) is attempting to solve this issue with its unique ARAW Pay mechanism. This open widget aims to simplify crypto payments with the ARAW (ARAW) token. Moreover, the widget is available for multiple platforms, including many eCommerce marketplaces. This allows seamless crypto payments with unmatched efficiency.     

Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Transfer

One of the most significant hurdles in the crypto industry is transferring funds from one person to another. There is no doubt that the existing mechanism is more efficient and reliable compared to conventional fiat currencies. However, there is still a lot of room for better enhancement. 

The ARAW (ARAW) crypto project aims to resolve this issue with its peer-to-peer transfer mechanism. This allows you to send and receive funds across multiple platforms and individuals much more quickly. This is ideal for promoting the adoption of cryptocurrencies and the platform’s growth.

Banking System Integration

Not many crypto projects would allow you to integrate your account with your banking account. But this is an important requirement in today’s interconnected, digitized, and globalized business environment. But thanks to the ARAW crypto project, this is now becoming a reality. 

The platform allows you to integrate your crypto account with your bank account. This will allow you to send and receive your funds through your bank account. Besides, you can even transfer all your top-up and cash-back rewards directly to your bank account. 

ARAW Touch And Pay Card

The advent of MasterCard and VISA marked a new revolution in finance. People did not need to carry cash around for the first time and could make payments using their cards. Moreover, the funds were deducted from the individual’s bank account without hassle. 

ARAW is making this possible with cryptocurrencies, all thanks to its ARAW Touch and Pay Card. The card is designed to help you make micropayments at any conventional vendor. No matter how small the amount, you can pay for it with a touch of your card. You can pay for coffee or buy something expensive at your nearest supermarket. 

Unified Reward System

Every crypto project has another mechanism to keep its users engaged and incentivized. This has become an essential requirement, with the number of crypto projects increasing by the day. As a result, the competition has increased significantly, and crypto needs to stand out in their user’ eyes. 

ARAW (ARAW) does an excellent job on this front, all thanks to its unified reward system. Unfortunately, the system needs to be more utilized as most users are still unaware of its potential. But this multi-branded loyalty program can help you amplify your returns with minimal hassle. 

ARAW (ARAW) – BG’s Token Analysis

The ARAW crypto project was conceptualized when the eCommerce sector was still in its initial stages. But by the time crypto was finally launched in the market, online had become a prevalent phenomenon all over the globe. However, there was no significant boom in the project’s popularity immediately.

If anything, the token continued to lose valuation continually throughout the two years of 2019 to 2020. Of course, this was also because of the bearish run of the overall crypto market. But things did change in 2021, with market sentiments changing and more people warming up to cryptocurrencies.              

Unfortunately, even that did not last long, as the token began to bleed valuation by the second half of 2021. Things changed slightly in 2022, with the token reaching its all-time high value. But it has succumbed to the bearish market sentiment since then. 

This makes it clear that people are more likely to invest in ARAW crypto when the market is bullish. Conversely, people will avoid such risky investments during a bearish run or even if the inflation rates are high. But other than that, ARAW will likely grow in the years to come after ending this crypto winter. 

Overall, our experts at Blockchain Gossips suggest that the token can be a potential investment. However, the token might take some time before it booms, making it a perfect opportunity for HODLers.  

ARAW (ARAW) Price Prediction – 2023-27

Granted that ARAW has been around for quite some time now. However, it is challenging to predict the token’s future, given the crypto market’s highly volatile nature. Hence our experts rely on the existing market data and relevant trends to better understand what’s in store for the future of the token. 

Even so, it would help if you did your research and due diligence before investing in the token. This will give you a better idea about what’s in store for the future of the token and hence make informed decisions. So let’s evaluate the price predictions of ARAW to get a better idea. 

ARAW (ARAW) Price Prediction 2023

2022 has been one of the most bearish months in the history of cryptocurrencies. Unfortunately, almost every crypto has suffered the consequences of this bearish run, and ARAW (ARAW) is no exception. However, ARAW (ARAW) did score its all-time high value in April 2022. 

With all these considerations in mind, ARAW (ARAW) will grow further and reach a valuation of $0.00001679 by the end of 2023. But taking a more conservative approach suggests the token might fall to $0.00001199 by December 2023. 

ARAW (ARAW) Price Prediction 2024

2024 should give ARAW (ARAW) enough time to recover and make amends for all the losses it has incurred. But still, there are chances that things can go wrong with the crypto with increasing competition. 

After evaluating the fundamentals and technicalities of the ARAW (ARAW) crypto, the token will likely reach a valuation of $0.00002246. Nonetheless, it is fair to conclude that ARAW (ARAW) will average at $0.00002020 in 2024. 

ARAW (ARAW) Price Prediction 2025

2025 will likely be an important year in the history of the ARAW (ARAW) token, with a significant revolution taking place in the eCommerce sphere. Adopting the metaverse technology will transform people’s shopping experience, which might positively impact ARAW (ARAW).            

With that in mind, ARAW (ARAW) will at least reach a valuation of $0.00002806 by the end of 2025. But if things work out well, the token will reach $0.00003439 by December 2025. 

ARAW (ARAW) Price Prediction 2026

Most experts are optimistic that the crypto market will return to its bullish state by the end of 2026. This indicates that better times might be on the horizon for the ARAW (ARAW) crypto, and the same will reflect in its valuation. 

As per most experts in our team, it seems likely that ARAW (ARAW) will reach a valuation of $0.00004433 by the end of 2026. However, if things do not go as planned, this valuation might come down to $0.00004117 by the end of 2026. 

ARAW (ARAW) Price Prediction 2027

2027 is still a long way down the road and predicting the prices of the ARAW (ARAW) crypto this long down the road is always challenging. But still, market indicators can be of some help in this case. 

This makes it very likely that the ARAW (ARAW) crypto will exceed the $0.00005000 mark by the end of 2027. As a result, experts are optimistic that ARAW (ARAW) will conclude 2027 with a valuation of $0.00005082. 

Given the aforementioned ARAW (ARAW) price predictions, ARAW (ARAW) valuation will grow with each passing year. However, there is still room for going wrong in this market. So make sure you do your research and due diligence to make an informed decision. 


The volatile nature of the crypto market is not a secret, and investors ought to be mindful of this fact. Therefore, you must research and understand the token before investing in it. This will help you get a better understanding and mitigate the chances of incurring a loss. 

ARAW’s Last Week Performance

Like most other years, 2023 has not been very kind to ARAW (ARAW). The token currently holds a valuation of $0.000015, but its 24-hour trading volume data is unavailable. The token’s prices have come down by -3.53% in the past 24 hours. 

Furthermore, ARAW (ARAW) is currently -4.48% from its 7-day all-time high of $0.00001602. But on the bright side, the token’s value is 11,02% higher than its 7-day all-time low of $0.00001378. Lastly, there are currently 1.99 billion ARAW (ARAW) tokens circulating in the market. 

What’s Up With ARAW In Recent Times?

Unsurprisingly, the ARAW has not been up to much recently. The project has not made any headlines recently, and there has not been any unusual movement in its prices either. If anything, the token has lost 4.48% from its 7-day all-time high value. 

But 2023 might tell a different story for the ARAW (ARAW) token since it has been performing relatively well recently. More importantly, the token is currently trading at 11.02% above its 7-day all-time low value. 

Should You Consider Investing in ARAW?

Crypto investments come with various volatilities, making it challenging to determine these tokens’ future course of action. Besides, investing in risky crypto projects has personal implications that you must consider beforehand. 

You must do your research and due diligence to make an informed decision and mitigate your chances of incurring a loss. However, after evaluation, investing in ARAW (ARAW) is not a terrible idea if things still look good.  


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