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Three Cryptos That Will Ensure A Prosperous New Year: Big Eyes Coin, Polygon, And Ethereum

Crypto aficionados anticipate the New Year with the belief that 2023 will be an improvement over 2022. 2022 may have had its share of prosperous moments, but altogether it was awful for the landscape and the investors.

The market was extremely volatile, and various events, like the recent FTX collapse, the LUNA disaster, and Russia’s conflict with Ukraine, had an impact on it. All of these factors contribute to the market’s bad attitude, but things are looking up for the coming year, and you should be better positioned to seize these chances. Three cryptocurrencies, including the Big Eyes Coin presale meme token, are listed below that will ensure you have a happy new year (including the presale meme token Big Eyes Coin):

1) The Future Profitability of Ethereum

Only after Bitcoin, Ethereum (ETH) is the most valuable network, and its native token, ETH, is the second-largest cryptocurrency available. Although many claims that Ethereum will eventually overtake Bitcoin (BTC), the cryptocurrency asset has remained at the top of the market for a while and shows no signs of declining. The network is a pioneer in developing decentralised applications and smart contracts for the blockchain (dApps).

The development of new services like gaming, NFTs, and the metaverse has been tremendously aided by Ethereum. Its network supports thousands of decentralised applications, and it is the foundation for various blockchain projects’ solutions. It would be interesting to observe how the recent network upgrade, which permitted the switch from the Proof-of-Work to the Proof-of-Stake consensus process, will help DeFi and other dApps operating on the network scale even further.

Overall, the Ethereum (ETH) ecosystem will expand along with the wider blockchain scene.

2) Polygon’s Update Creates the Foundation for Better Days

An Ethereum layer-2 scaling solution called Polygon (MATIC) is poised for expansion in the upcoming calendar year. Considering the interesting updates it has, the majority of industry professionals forecast that it will perform best in the new year.

To improve the efficiency and connectivity of Ethereum and other EVM blockchains, Polygon was developed as a scaling solution. The network is starting to emerge from behind the Ethereum blockchain, though.

In recent months, Polygon has established collaborations with web2 and other actual businesses interested in learning more about blockchain technology. It has been a network of choice for businesses trying to enter the blockchain market. Some of the factors include the extremely efficient network, which can support traction coming from outside the environment, and the significantly lower cost of transactions.

3) The Big Eyes Coin Is Your Companion Of Choice For 2023

A brand-new meme coin initiative called Big Eyes Coin (BIG) is debuting on the Ethereum platform. The Ethereum blockchain has been connected to every cryptocurrency discussed in this article, demonstrating the high market value the chain has. Launching on the Ethereum network will give Big Eyes Coin access to the network with the biggest number of active users, which translates to the highest level of liquidity to support the project’s survival.

The cat meme-inspired meme coin initiative Big Eyes Coin has chosen to enter the market with a distinctive story. Dog memes are typically adopted by meme coins, but Big Eyes Coin has a good argument for deviating from the cliché.

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