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Opera Announces Web3 Security Features To Safeguard Users


Additionally, the browser can enable HTTPS everywhere, adding an extra layer of security and guaranteeing that the websites users visit employ reliable encryption techniques.

Opera, a Web3 browser, has unveiled a new set of security measures to reduce typical dangers from bad actors in the Web3 ecosystem.

Web3 Guard:

Web3 Guard, a new set of security technologies, is a collection of browser security features that claim to shield users against malicious decentralized applications (DApps), assaults using seed phrases as phishing bait, and bad actors.

The security tool checks DApps for known security concerns such as dubious code, security vulnerabilities, and audit history. This gives users a better understanding of the DApp they intend to read and notifies them if any of the vulnerabilities mentioned above are discovered.

Without jeopardising users’ privacy or personal data, the built-in security measures would check for any seed phrase phishing assaults by scanning websites for telltale signals of exploit, such as typical phishing keywords and features.

Crypto Wallet:

The Opera crypto wallet now includes a harmful address checker that checks recipient addresses against a list of known hostile agents and alerts users if unusual activity is found. This feature is one of the new security features for the crypto browser. The browser also offers the choice to enable HTTPS everywhere, which adds an extra layer of protection and ensures that the users of the website visitors use reliable encryption methods.

Users can now browse the huge NFT ecosystem through their browser thanks to a new nonfungible token functionality that was added to the platform in the first week of December.

A crucial hub for Web3 engagement is the well-known cryptocurrency browser, which rose to fame for giving users access to its native coin in exchange for using its platform to browse the internet. The browser supports numerous cryptos and Web3 ecosystems and includes an integrated wallet.

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