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NFT Restricts Chinese Twitter Remarks About ‘North American Expansion’

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In the community discussion, NFT artist SHHAN earlier advised users to “transition to English,” but this advice was mainly ignored.

In a tweet from December 11, SHHAN, the maker of the Mimic Shhans series of black cats nonfungible tokens (NFT), explained to users why he was censoring content on Chinese-language community social media pages. Users have criticized the new policies as discriminatory, prompting the action. SHHAN, who is based in South Korea but wrote a post in Chinese to address the matter specifically:

“This is due to my prior Twitter and Discord announcements that my team attempts to break into the North American market. As a result, I advised everyone to reply to Twitter posts in English. Why do this? Because practically all of the comments on the Mimic Twitter page are in Chinese, it was difficult for North American holders of our NFTs to understand the Mimic community’s culture when I chatted with them.”
SHHAN clarified that although he had previously encouraged users to speak English in the community Discord, “the great majority of individuals did not appear to follow it.” The artist continued by saying that he believed the North American and European consumer markets were crucial for the planned SHHAN Metaverse, also known as “Shhanverse,” and he desired users would “switch to the more internationalized English language to communicate about the project.”

Playful Black Cat:

Mimic SHHAN, introduced in October and uses “playful black cat” NFTs decked out in various outfits, is minted on the Ethereum network. According to SHHAN, most NFT owners are headquartered in China, where the collection is hugely well-liked. Currently, the project has 2,001 OpenSea holders, and since its launch, 285 Ether (ETH) have been traded.

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