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Four of the Most Popular NFT Characters and Their Role in World Domination!

New game, with new rules. The world of digital collectibles is a fast-growing industry, and new characters are being created at an alarming rate. But not all crypto-collectibles are created equal: Some have the potential to become mainstream while others will remain niche products. This blog post will look at some of the most popular NFT characters and their role in world domination!

CryptoKitties And Beyond

One of the most significant NFTs to date is CryptoKitties. The team behind this game decided to create an NFT completely separate from any other blockchain game. As a result, CryptoKitties have become popular in their own right, with some of their kitties selling for up to $100,000! As well as being collectibles, the CryptoKitties can also be used to create unique digital art. 

Their popularity has led to the creation of many other NFT games where players can breed, trade, and collect their digital animals. Some of these, such as BunnyToken, have even implemented their trading platform, allowing tokens to be used across multiple games. 

Other NFT games are cashing in on the popularity of the “gotta catch ’em all” mantra. Some games, such as Axie Infinity and Axie Lab, allow players to catch, train, and battle fantasy creatures. Beyond these games, the NFTs can also be used as collectible items. Axie Labs has even created limited-edition gold-plated tokens to celebrate the Chinese New Year.

CryptoCelebrities: Celebrity Domination

The potential for blockchain games to become the next big thing in the world of collectibles has also led other companies to create their own NFTs. Perhaps the most significant of these is Celeb Tokens, which allows players to collect and trade digital representations of celebrities worldwide. In the same way that sports stars become icons for the products they endorse or their facial features on the cover of popular magazines, blockchain celebrities have the power to influence the public in new and exciting ways.

Once a company has created a blockchain game featuring its chosen celebrity, it can begin to market the game and its associated tokens. Customers who buy the tokens effectively invest in the game, which means they are more likely to tell their friends about the game. The token’s value increases as the popularity of the game increases.

Etherbots: Mech Warfare

Etherbots is a blockchain game in which players create their mechanical robots and then battle with them against other “bot-fighters,” both in-game and out. The robots are all created using a combination of different NFTs. An NFT represents the robots’ physical appearance, called an ERC-721 token, while an ERC-721 token represents the parts that make them up and the associated stats. 

Parts are non-fungible and unique, meaning each robot has a different combination of parts, similar to the case for the robots’ “souls,” which are used as the robots’ energy source and provide bonuses that apply to the whole robot. The robots’ levels are tracked using ERC-721s, each of which keeps track of the robot’s experience and progress. This system makes the game more realistic by making it harder for players to create overpowered bots.

CryptoStables: Horsing Around the Globe

One of the unique NFT games is CryptoStables. This game lets players breed and race horses from around the world. The difference is that these horses don’t exist in the real world—they are entirely digital. The gameplay features many of the same elements as the classic game Pokémon, such as the need to “catch ’em all” and build the best team. 

The game’s NFTs are split between those used to breed and train the horses and the cards that let players race them. The breeding system uses an auction-based system based on the rarity of the combinations of the parents’ characteristics. On the other hand, the racing cards use a different form of rarity: The more often a card is used, the less valuable it becomes, keeping the cards competitive and preventing players from becoming too skilled too quickly.


NFTs are a great way to make blockchain games more exciting, and they can also add value to the blockchain industry as a whole. While NFTs are a relatively new concept, there is a lot of potentials for them to grow, especially as companies look for new ways to make their games stand out from the crowd.

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