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MetaMask Institutional, Cobo, And Gnosis DAO Launch Soulbound Token

Soulbound Token:

Cobo, MetaMask Institutional, and Gnosis Safe have launched a new Soulbound NFT project that offers customers new nonfungible exclusivity and evidence of identity.

For users and projects to define themselves in virtual reality, Soulbound tokens (SBTs) establish themselves as a cornerstone in the Web3 domain.

A new SBT project that brings together titans of the cryptocurrency industry to support users’ developing digital identities was announced on December 13 by Cobo, a digital asset custodian and creator of blockchain technology.

“Evolution,” an SBT initiative by Cobo, MetaMask Institutional, and Gnosis DAO, is a technology that enables users to identify themselves in virtual reality and keep up with market trends.

According to a Cobo spokeswoman, the fact that SBTs cannot be bought or sold on the open market helps build a link between Web2 and Web3 regarding user identity.

“Giving them an identity gives the token provider certainty and enables them to grant exclusive access and perks to their targeted users.”

SBTs may be the newest way to identify one’s digital persona, but they cannot take the place of nonfungible tokens (NFTs) and the benefits of trading in tradable assets.


The Cobo representative claims that SBTs may be used more frequently to add a level of exclusivity that is not possible with a typical NFT. For instance, holders of the “Evolution” collection will get an exclusive quarterly study on the decentralized financial market that isn’t available to anybody else.

“Even though the tokens can be used to recognize and honour specific individuals, they can also be restricted and used to keep users out of certain projects or advantages.
According to the Cobo spokesman, SBTs may

“discourage users from changing wallets or rotating keys for security considerations”

from the perspective of brands or wallets.

The introduction of SBTs and the rise of big Web3 players have caused a shift in the market.

Now, it’s being considered that these new digital assets could be the key to the future metaverse, where users’ digital identities include citizenship.


The financial behemoth Sumitomo Mitsui recently disclosed that it is testing SBTs to fulfil regional societal requirements in Japan.

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