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Can LTC’s Latest Development Make It An Investor Favourite?

Litecoin is a cryptocurrency inspired by Bitcoin and is similar to it. It started circulation in October 2011 and was among the earliest coins in the market. Litecoin is historically referred to as the silver to Bitcoin’s gold. It is a Bitcoin fork and is based on the same blockchain. 

However, Litecoin is capable of having more coins in circulation than Bitcoin. Read ahead to find out more.

Litecoin’s Performance For 2022

Lots of investors lost their money in the recent crash of 2022. This caused many investors to take proper safety measures when investing in crypto. As a result, the value of Litecoin as of now is $52.91, and its price has been gradually going up a few bumps. Moreover, it is also making its way into the market, trying to reach higher than Bitcoin.

The crypto industry has seen significant developments over the last six to seven months. And these events might be considered necessary when crypto investors look back to the market in 2022. So despite some turbulences in 2022, Litecoin’s future looks promising. And for now, Litecoin’s price is profiting its loyal investors.

Litecoin Price Action: A Historical View of Price Action

Before going into Litecoin’s price prediction, investors should learn a little about its history. The various cryptocurrencies in the market are known for exceptional properties. Whereas some might be popular in the market, others are more utility-centered. So, long back in 2010, Charlie Lee, an ex-Googler, had an interesting thought that he poured out into this world by introducing investors to Litecoin. He addressed Litecoin as “the lite version of Bitcoin.”

Charlie Lee knew of Bitcoin, referred to it as the Digital Gold, and dreamed of developing something better for investors and traders to look for in the crypto market. So he developed Litecoin, a forking of Bitcoin with similar properties. Litecoin is a more improved version of Bitcoin with some new features. For example, the newly added feature of privacy protocol has made the cryptocurrency market sustainable and more reliable.

Looking at the statistics is another way of knowing Litecoin’s history. So, here is the starting price of Litecoin from back in 2011. Stats suggest the LTC token’s earliest price to be around the $4 mark. Litecoin reached an all-time high of $412.96 on 10th May 2021. However, the token was unable to retain its position and soon dipped. The token witnessed its lowest at around $1.11 on 14th January 2015. 

Factors Impacting the Price of LTC 

Aside from learning the history of Litecoin’s price movements, it is also necessary for investors to learn about the factors that affect the price of Litecoin. With the help of these two pieces of information, investors can make more informed and strategic predictions and invest more wisely. 

For example, if the demand is higher than the supply, the price will be higher, and vice versa. Another factor that impacts the change in the price of Litecoin is its cost of production. 

Will The Price Hit Bottom Or Bounce Back?

Litecoin’s currently working algorithm could be an issue in future years. This is because investors and traders in the cryptocurrency market are interested in proof-of-stake cryptocurrencies as they are cleaner and more efficient. 

So to ensure its position in the market, Litecoin needs to keep up with the new trend and might have to transition to a better algorithm, like Ethereum. Furthermore, as the crypto market is currently focused on DeFi applications, Litecoin would need to develop something similar to remain relevant in the market. 

Overall, Litecoin’s price is predicted to go high in the coming years, as seen by the daily changes in its value. So it is unlikely for it to hit bottom for now.

LTC Price Prediction: A Long Overview

Investing short-term in Litecoin can be profitable, but analysts have predicted that investing long-term will be more beneficial as that would yield better results. According to the latest price predictions, LTC has the potential to rise to $230 by 2022, $500 by 2023, and around $1,250 by 2025. 

Below is a detailed overview of the price of Litecoin for the coming years. 

  • End of 2022: For the remainder of 2022, LTC is expected to present a solid bullish movement. The token might trade at a price above $200 and move to a new high of $247.60.
  • End of 2023: For 2023, we expect LTC to move around a rangebound price of $234.10. However, as the year passes by, the token might round up to around $328.46 in the first few months before settling for $505.18 by the end of the year.
  • End of 2027: Fast forward to 2027, Litecoin is predicted to move around the $1,800 – 2,000 mark. However, the token might also move up to $2,478.11. Finally, if a bearish phase hits the market, the calculated price would be around $2,280.61 by December 2027.
  • End of 2028: Litecoin is expected to reach a price tag of $3,000 by the end of 2028. This year, we expect the token to hit a record price of $2,300. However, if things take a negative turn, the new low for the token would be $2368.22, whereas the token is expected to move with an average price of $2876.43.
  • End of 2030: Active collaborations for the LTC token and further improvements in the fundamental supporting it would result in increased investment for the token. For 2030, we expect LTC to exceed the $4,000 mark.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that Litecoin is the lite version of Bitcoin. Furthermore, its developers integrated it with some working and effective properties. They also added additional features for more efficiency. 

So as time goes by, the price of Litecoin is going up and down, and the analysts are doing their part by predicting these ever-changing market prices. You might have gotten all the information you need about Litecoin from here if you are an investor. So visit again for more updates on Litecoin.

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