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Korea Releases Metaverse Ifland To 49 Countries

The massive South Korean telecom company SK Telecom (SKT) will introduce Metaverse Ifland in 49 nations in North America, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia.

Is Metaverse Ifland’s Promotional Communication?

SKT will use K-pop to enhance Metaverse Ifland’s promotional communication and co-create joint content with international partners.
The leading mobile phone provider in Japan, NTT Docomo, and SKT have agreed to collaborate to provide content, tools, and services for the metaverse platform.

Is SK Telecom Launches Ifland?

Ifland has named Singtel, a telecommunications company based in Singapore, and E &, a technology company based in the United Arab Emirates, its international partners.
In September, Ifland added an economy to the platform. Users who hold meetings on the metaverse can now collect contribution points from other users, which can then be exchanged for money.

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Millions Of Users On Ifland

In the third quarter of 2022, there were 12.8 million users on Ifland. Zepeto, a rival app from Naver Z, has more than 300 million downloads worldwide, and 95% of its users are from outside Korea.

The Korea Information Society Development Institute predicts that by 2021, SK Telecom will control more than 47% of all mobile subscribers in South Korea.

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