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FTX Hacker Is Now The 35th Largest ETH Holder

At current market prices, the exploiter’s haul of Ether is estimated to be worth $288 million.

The hacker who hacked the now-defunct FTX exchange last week amassed a substantial fortune, propelling him to the status of an Ether whale.

How Much Crypto Assets Were Stolen From Its Wallets?

Elliptic, a blockchain intelligence company, says that less than a day after the troubled FTX exchange filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, more than $663 million worth of crypto assets were stolen from its wallets.

Elliptic thinks that $477 million was stolen and that many of the tokens turned into ETH, but FTX is believed to have moved more than a hundred tokens worth $186 million into secure storage.

Cointelegraph reported on November 15 that the attacker was still emptying wallets four days later, which was called “on-chain spoofing” by analysts.

Besoin, a blockchain security company, says that the attacker has done a lot of swaps and cross-chain transactions in the past day and, as of November 15, owns about $338 million worth of crypto assets.

According to the wallet address, there are a staggering 228,523 ETH included, which are worth around $288.8 million at the present market price.

Is Ethereum The 35th Largest Holder?

According to the amount of ETH possessed, this places the account known as the “FTX Accounts Drainer” as the 35th largest Ethereum holder.

CoinCarp’s Ethereum rich list says that the Beacon Chain deposit contract, which has about 15 million ETH, is the biggest holder. Most of the top 20 are crypto exchanges, layer-2 protocols, or bridges for decentralized finance (DeFi).

The top 20 ETH wallets hold 27.7% of all the ETH in circulation, and the Top 50 wallets hold 33% of all the ETH.

Why Wallet Moving Could Not Be Ruled?

The exploits occurred on FTX and FTX.US, prompting many to believe it was an inside job. Hugh Brooks, in charge of security operations at the analytics company Certik, said that data on the blockchain showed this. He told that an insider with access to these wallets moving the funds could not be ruled out until there was a compromised private key.

The prospective market-wide sale of Ether by its 35th-largest holder has not affected Ether prices.


ETH was trading flat on the day at $1,260 at the time of writing. Since the FTX disaster began, the asset has lost approximately 23%.


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