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According To Reports, An Ftx Hacker Uses A Bitcoin Mixer To Move Some Of The Stolen Money To Okx

On-chain activity shows that the hacker has sent at least 225 BTC (4.5 million) to OKX so far.

Cryptocurrency Exchange Filed For Bankruptcy?

Hackers stole over $450 million worth of assets from FTX and FTX USA right after the doomed cryptocurrency exchange filed for bankruptcy on November 11. They are still moving assets around to try to wash the money.

A crypto analyst who goes by the Twitter handles ZachXBT said that the FTX hackers used the Bitcoin mixer ChipMixer to send some stolen money to the OKX exchange. So far, at least 225 BTC, which is worth $4.1 million USD, have been sent to OKX, according to the analyst.

ZachXBT says that the FTX hacker started putting BTC into ChipMixer on November 20. He did this by using Ren Bridge, a protocol that connects cryptocurrencies. ZachXBT said in his analysis that he had seen a pattern with addresses that got money from ChipMixer. He says that each address follows the same pattern: “withdrawal from CM,” “50% peels off,” and “50% deposited to OKX.”

After the deposits to the OKX exchange were found, the Director of OKX tweeted, “OKX is aware of the situation, and the team is looking into the wallet flow.”

Is The Hack Discovered By The Right FTX?

On November 12, Cointelegraph said that the hack was discovered right after FTX said it was going out of business. At the time, about $477 million of the $663 million that was drained was thought to have been stolen, while the rest was thought to have been put into safe storage by FTX.

The hacker moved their Ether (ETH) to a new wallet address on November 20. Before the hack, the person who dumped 50,000 ETH from the FTX wallet was the 27th biggest holder of ETH. After the hack, they dropped by 10 spots.

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Why Do Hackers Steal Money?

Even though FTX global and FTX.US are two separate companies, hackers were able to steal money from both of them simultaneously. This caused a lot of talk in the crypto community, and some people thought it might have been an inside job. According to Google Analytics, the FTX collapse has increased interest in Sam Bankman-Fried.

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