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Decanect: Your New Wikipedia For Crypto Knowledge

From the possible foundation to its real-world boom, cryptocurrencies have always been associated with finance. Everything, from Blockchain transactions to a decentralized, alternate economy, has connected cryptos to finance and trade.  

We’ve connected cryptos to finance and trade so much that we barely think of its utilization beyond these particular industries. 

But what if we told you about the possibilities of a crypto project that rewards as it educates? 

Yes, with the launch of projects like Decanect, things are all set to change for the industry. 

Continue reading as we explore the different aspects of the project and what makes it a unique concept.

Decanect: The New Age Wikipedia For Crypto Knowledge

Put simply, Decanect is a decentralized platform that is developed to educate and connect crypto enthusiasts. Furthermore, the platform raises the stakes for crypto education for students and teachers across all sectors by providing gamified and rewarding learning experiences. 

The project revolves around a mission to eliminate the greatest barrier to newcomers in the industry, accessible information for the space. With a community that eats, sleeps, and talks crypto, Decanect bridges the gap between a basic understanding of digital assets and the common audience. 

Additionally, it keeps developing and supplying top-notch Blockchain resources, with the capability and feature to get free information through the most reliable sources.

Decanect: The Platform In Detail

Launched in the second week of September, Decanect, or DCNT, is a decentralized platform that offers a space for a growing and interactive Blockchain community for learners, beginners, and experts. Users signing up for the platform can interact with one another, find others with similar interests, discuss and share ideas, and learn about many Blockchain-related issues using this platform.

As a part of its utility, Decanect has a feature that assists users in creating, deploying, and using different decentralized apps as a part of its utility. Besides, the platform aims at advancing information and making it applicable via the Decanect Experience, providing users with a first-hand experience over particular Blockchain goods and services. 

Additionally, Decanect’s live classes on Metaverse enable participants to converse and study alongside one another in an entirely new setting.

But that’s not all. Being a decentralized platform, we didn’t expect Decanect to be a non-rewarding experience. Interestingly, the statement holds for this Blockchain community. Users of Decanect can earn a variety of points upon successful completion of their lessons. 

The platform introduces several tiers of rewards. For instance, there are Deca Points, which have a value of $0.01c each and a conversion limit of 5000 Decas ($50 when converted into cryptocurrency). In addition, node Points are another non-expendable reward awarded over Decanect. 

What’s more? The platform is talking about introducing NFT points worth $1 in its future milestone. 

Features That Make Decanect Unique

Several aspects make the Decanect a unique project. Let’s understand more of it in the following section. 


Decanect is designed to educate its users and provide the skills and information needed to interact with, understand and use the Blockchain. From the minute you sign up for a free course until the time it’s concluded, Decenect is a rewarding experience. 

Users receive bonus points for passing quizzes with a 90% or greater mark upon completing lessons, tests, and courses. Once done, users can claim the accumulated points to buy actual cryptocurrency prizes, NFTs, and additional Decanect features that add to the in-platform experience. 

  • Lessons: Decanect offers various lessons bundled in a course. Each lesson presents the class’s topic in a video style. Assignments range from a step-by-step manual on utilizing specific tools given through Blockchain to lessons on clarifying the use case and basics of goods, services, and cryptocurrency coins in general.
  • Quizzes: According to the course’s lesson structure, several quizzes are assigned. A member may only retake the test twice with a 70% or above passing mark. A participant cannot pass the course and will not receive a certificate if they fail to qualify for one of the quizzes.


Decanect allows group messaging, private messaging, forums, nominations, investment groups, etc.

  1. Options to chat over private settings: Members can have private conversations, share images, videos, and documents, and engage in audio or video chats via private messaging. Group messaging is similar to private messaging except that it is done in groups based on the participants that the chat’s owner has invited.
  2. Forums: Once a person can form groups, they could also build forums where group members can exchange stories and discuss subjects of interest. Additionally, members can access each other’s posts, which immediately display on their timelines, by following one another.
  3. Nominations: Whether a member assisted you with a quiz question as well as mentored you throughout a course, you have the choice to recommend that person for a nomination award, which they can then swap for a prize.
  4. Investment Groups: You can create an account on Decanect, establish a group, and share your portfolio with your members and followers. You can also create a call channel, a group for financial counseling, or a place where you can exchange investment ideas and keep track of them with other group members.


  1. Deca points: Decanect rewards its users in Deca (DCNT) points. The value of 100 DECA = $1 (THE value may change in the future). You can convert these points to cryptocurrency (Ethereum, Matic or Decanect Coin). A minimum of 5,000 Decas may be converted.
  2. Node points: Non-transferable and not exchangeable for anything. Within the Decanect Platform, a member can access more features the more Node Points they have.
  3. NFT points: It can be changed into a Decanect NFT. The Decanect Ecosystem’s many dApps and events are accessible through each NFT.
  4. Kudo points: The value of 1 Kudo point equals $1, which may change in the future. You can put them into a crypto format, i.e., Ethereum, Matic, or Decanect Coin.

Taxes Induced Over Decanect

Each purchase and sale transaction in Decanect Coin is subject to a 12% tax, which is further broken into the following four categories:

  • 5% of the tax is a marketing tax that must be spent on marketing.
  • 3% of the rewards tax will be distributed to the members of Decanect to convert points.
  • 2% of the team tax on the team’s and the ambassadors’ salaries.
  • 2% of the liquidity tax is paid to the liquidity pool for Decanect Coin.

Note: Decanect also has locked liquidity for 12 months.

Distribution and Tokenomics

The total supply of Decanect is 10,000,000 $DCNT. Decanect seems to have a total quantity of 10 million coins in terms of tokenomics, which are further divided into the following categories:

  • 1.0 million DCNT in circulation (10%)
  • 3,994,149 DCNT in total were presold (39.94%)
  • Marketing Knapsack (Rewards, Buybacks, Exchanges) 1,200,000 $DCNT (12%)
  • Destroyed coin (unsold presale tokens) 3,805,851 $DCNT (38.06%)


The goal for Decanect is to raise the bar for crypto education for students and instructors of all levels. The platform plans to initiate such a movement by removing the space’s most significant barriers for newbies. This way, Decanect makes it easier to build communities where people can interact, share knowledge, and grow together.

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