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Affordable Crypto To Invest Under $1 In 2023

Cryptocurrency has become a popular investment option in recent years. Today, we have over 20,000+ crypto projects to choose from. Besides, thousands of freshers enter the industry every day to diversify their portfolios and capitalize on the potential gains offered by these digital assets. 

However, let’s face it; not every beginner can afford to invest thousands of dollars in projects they have little to no knowledge about. This brings many investors in the hunt for tokens under the $1 mark. Sadly, looking for potential performers under a budget isn’t easy! 

To help you better, we’ve developed a list of affordable cryptos with huge performance potential. So continue reading this blog as we guide you in the right direction and give you an insight into such tokens. 

Editor’s Picks Of The Best Projects

  • Overall best project under $1: LuckyBlock.
  • Best upcoming crypto project with potential: Meta Masters World.
  • New P2E cryptocurrency that recently got listed: Tamadoge.
  • Most unique investment opportunity: The Hideaways.
  • Latest Metaverse entrant: RobotEra. 

Best Budget Cryptos To Invest Under $1 In 2023

Meta Masters World

Meta Masters Guild has successfully launched the world’s first Web3 gaming platform. The platform intends to develop a play-and-earn platform that prioritizes the quality and replayability of its games over tokenization and rewards mechanics. 

Additionally, the upcoming gaming platform also plans on using NFT items that can be owned by gamers and can be traded. Their first three games, namely: Raid NFT, Meta Masters World, and Meta Kart Racers, are under development. Sitting at the core of all transactions over the platform is their MEGMAG token. 

The $MEGMAG token can be cashed out to acquire GEMS that can be used to purchase or upgrade in-game assets and enhance the overall gaming experience. Besides, early investors get access to 350 million tokens out of their 1 billion tokens supply at the lowest price of $0.007 in the first presale, and its prices have been increasing through seven rounds.

Interestingly, the team behind the project is already a step ahead of their competitors with the launch of their presale. 


Next on our list of budget crypto projects is RobotEra, a new Metaverse gaming platform that allows users to create, share, operate, explore and trade with other RobotEra NFT communities. The game is based on the Taro Planet, where players participate in 3D avatars of “Robots.” 

Interestingly, the game is divided into seven continents, making up the TARO universe. The platform uses a range of world-building tools to purchase and build on Land NFTs, which can later be traded. 

RobotEra, the rumored successor to The Sandbox and Decentraland, allows gamers to buy and construct on Land NFTs, which can subsequently be exchanged on its online market. This way, everything created by the users is backed by proof of ownership. Besides, that platform’s Robot NFT collection is restricted to 10,000 distinct NFTs, adding to the overall increase in its price over time. 

Interestingly, RobotEra‘s in-game $TARO token is presently in its first out of three presale stages with a price of $0.02. So invest today to enjoy great returns tomorrow. 


IMPT is a unique crypto project which aims at fighting global warming. They engage thousands of environment-friendly brands, and you can earn IMPT tokens from each purchase. You can exchange these IMPT tokens for carbon credits, reducing your carbon footprint. 

Carbon credits allow individuals to emit carbon dioxide into the atmosphere by funding conservation projects in the world. What’s more? IMPT is a visionary project that aims at enabling investors and users to offset their carbon footprints and battle the climate crisis. 

Interestingly, investors can also be a part of the project by earning or investing in IMPT tokens, which can later be converted into carbon credit NFTs that can be traded, held as investments, or burned to stop global warming. Overall, IMPT is an exciting project amongst investors as it has high potential in the future. 

Although carbon market currency is worth $2 billion annually, it is predicted to grow to $100 billion by the next decade.


Tamadoge (TAMA)  is one of the affordable and upcoming crypto projects in the market of large-cap cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum. It is one of the meme coins along with Saudi Shibu Inu (SAUDISHIB). It is the utility token of a decentralized platform providing play-to-earn features. 

The Tamaverse allowed the players to buy Tamadoge NFTs with TAMA. The players can then train their individual and individual assets to compete in the monthly leaderboard, thereby winning TAMA as a reward. Tamadoge holds and distributes tokens in its liquidity pools or ‘Dogepools.’ 

What’s more? TAMA’s fundamental as a deflationary asset makes it a unique prospect. This indicates that the overall supply of these tokens will be reduced over time, bringing the concept of less supply and increasing demand into the picture. When backed by the project’s overall concept, such unique fundamentals make TAMA a unique token to invest in. 

Lastly, if you’re interested in the TAMA token, now could be a great opportunity as the project already completed one successful round of its presale in Q3 2022. 

Battle Infinity (IBAT)

Battle Infinity is yet to release, but it has already gained popularity as one of the most innovative gaming platforms for 2023. The project provides several P2E battle games that leverage the concept of a Metaverse world called “Battle Arena.” The platform allows players to create avatars and interact, watch, perform, and experience a virtual Metaverse world. 

Battle Infinity’s platform provides six different ways of generating income engagingly. The investors can trade the NFTs from the fantasy sports league and benefit when the value increases in the secondary market. What’s more? This platform offers DeFi and NFT applications.

Additionally, there are plans to let users buy virtual land plots so they may utilize in-world advertising to make money. Players can also use the platform’s native $IBAT token for transacting over Battle Infinity’s marketplace. 

Regarding its presale, the IBAT token was sold out within 24 days of its pre-sale allocation. However, the project will soon open for its second presale round, providing investors with another opportunity to invest in the token but at a higher price than last time. 

Lucky Block

Lucky Block is a cryptocurrency lottery system that visualizes a global lottery with the players following the protocols of Blockchain and operating on Binance Smart Chain. It provides the players with an unparalleled experience of crypto casinos and sports betting. 

By leveraging blockchain technology to conduct these jackpot drawings instead of more conventional “offline” techniques, Lucky Block hopes to increase transparency and fairness significantly. In addition, the project leverages Blockchain technology to develop a decentralized lottery that solves the current problems of security, liquidity, and delayed payouts. 

What’s more? The project recently launched its V2 coin, developed using the Ethereum network, eliminating 12% of the fees required for transacting using the V1 tokens. 

The presale price of Lucky Block started as low as $0.00015 in the first and $0.00019 in the second phase. However, the price has increased by 65 times after concluding the presale and launching trading. Interestingly, LBLOCK also hit its all-time high in Q1 of 2022 itself. 

The Hideaways

Seventh on our list of investment opportunities is ‘The Hideaways,’ the first crypto project that allows users to buy NFTs representing a high-tier real estate asset. It is the world’s first platform for real estate investment, where users can invest in a fully managed luxury property portfolio through fictional ownership. Every NFT minted by the Hideaways has a luxury property in the portfolio backed by it. 

The NFTs are broken down into small fractions, and it allows the investor to purchase the ownership of the luxury property with as little money as $100. Besides, as NFT is backed by luxury property, the minimum value of the investment is always tied to the value of the physical property, although users gain additional gains from the secondary NFT market. 

What’s more? The platform provides an SPV (Special Purpose Vehicle) and a legal entity with its bank account where rental money is generated. It can be used to acquire different properties. Additionally, monthly distributions of USDT or ETH are made to NFT holders via the HDWY dashboard with the rental profits after expenditures.

The Hideaway presale is ongoing, and the market investors can buy a token for as low a price as $0.10 and expect a further boost in the future. 


Concluding our list is one of the most popular crypto assets that has been under $1 for quite some time. Tron (TRX) is the best choice if you seek long-term stability, as it has lower volatility. This is made of a blockchain-based operating system that runs smart contracts and allows developers to create decentralized applications. 

The primary aim of Tron is to reward the content creators for their work without any middleman taking any cut. Also, it allows peer-to-peer transactions between consumers and content providers. 

Tron hit an all-time low in September 2017; its highest price was in January 2018. Tron is not as volatile as other low-priced coins. There has been a motion in the prices in the beginning weeks of 2023, and market analysts have predicted that Tron could cost $0.30 by 2025. 

However, looking at the fundamentals of the project and the past price movements, it’s evident that the token has future growth potential. 

Research Well Before Investing!

This brings us to the end of our article on the most affordable crypto projects under a dollar. As much as we have tried to add the most updated information, the cryptocurrency market is all about being volatile. Therefore, we strongly advise you to run a background check and conduct thorough research before investing in it. All the best!

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