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How To Invest In Metacoms Token – A Beginner’s Guide

The concept of a Metaverse, which depicts the confluence of virtual reality with the internet, has been around for a while. Its goal is to create a virtual environment as large and immersive as the real one. Interestingly, the entry of new-age digital technology has the attention of tech-savvy customers and investors. 

Being a relatively fresh concept, there are few companies in the industry. But if we were to name one project creating a stir in the space, it would be Metacoms, a Dutch startup trying to unlock the potential of the Metaverse. The project aims at revolutionizing its billion-dollar industry by providing a platform for app creators and enterprises to build and operate their apps within the Metacoms Metaverse.

So now that we have an idea of the project, let’s look into how you could invest in it. Continue reading as we explore the project’s unique aspects in the blog’s following sections. 

But, What Is Metacoms?

Modern platform Metacoms is paving the path for the growth of the Metaverse. It provides a wide range of capabilities that make it simple for users to monetize existing Metaverse experiences and develop new Metaverse apps without coding. The platform includes features including an NFT-compatible platform, a Meta-app store, P2P transfers, facial feature verification, virtual reality rooms and places, and more. As a result, users can embrace the internet of the future and participate in the Metaverse simply and securely with the help of Metacoms.

Identity verification is one of the biggest problems the Metaverse is currently experiencing. As users interact with avatars in the Metaverse, it cannot be easy to know if the avatar on the other end matches the person’s real identity. This is particularly true in cases where facial features have been faked or manipulated. In a digital environment, checking a person’s identity and protecting their privacy can be challenging.

The Metaverse’s capacity to enable transfers and payments is another crucial feature. In the Metaverse, NFTs have become a potent instrument for payment facilitation, but P2P crypto-transfers are also frequently required. To safeguard users from thefts and security breaches, robust security procedures that only rely on the blockchain’s integrity are essential.

In the past, centralized intermediaries have unfortunately been a problem for decentralized NFT marketplaces, which has resulted in security breaches that have cost users their NFTs. This emphasizes how crucial it is to balance centralized and decentralized platforms in the Metaverse to protect user security and privacy.

With a host of features and functions that enable users to monetize their Metaverse experiences and develop new Metaverse apps easily, Metacoms is a promising platform at the forefront of Metaverse’s development. Although the Metaverse still faces many difficulties, Metacoms is attempting to develop answers to provide its users with a safe and seamless experience.

So now that we have an idea of what the project is about, let’s look into a quick tutorial on how you could invest in the project. 

How To Invest In Metacom (MEAC) – A Quick Tutorial 

Since MEAC is currently on presale, you can find it on the website. Therefore, it saves you from having to register on different crypto exchanges to get started. 

However, you can’t simply log into their website to claim the MEAC token. So here’s a quick highlight to help you to invest in Metacom (MEAC) Token: 

  • Choosing a crypto exchange:

To purchase Metacom (MEAC) tokens, you must establish an ERC-20 token-compatible crypto wallet. To get started, you can choose among any decentralized crypto exchange and get a digital wallet. 

Once done, configure your crypto wallet. This usually entails making a new wallet and writing down the recovery phrase, a string of words you will use to get your wallet back if you lose it. As the sole means to restore access to your wallet if you lose your password or device, preserve your recovery phrase in a secure location.

  • Purchase MATIC or USDC:

The next step is acquiring some MATIC or USDC, which are the two currencies frequently used to buy MEAC tokens. Being a beginner, you could purchase these tokens from cryptocurrency exchanges like Binance, Coinbase, or Kraken. 

  • Connecting wallet to presale

To purchase MEAC tokens, you must first link your cryptocurrency wallet to the exchange. This process involves adding the exchange’s smart contract address to your wallet. To find the smart contract address, you can visit the exchange’s website or use a tool like Etherscan.

Before proceeding, it is important to double-check the smart contract address to ensure that you are sending your funds to the correct location. Once the smart contract address has been added to your wallet, you are ready to move on to the next step.

  • Buying Metacom (MEAC) Tokens

After successfully connecting your wallet to the exchange, you can purchase Metacom (MEAC) tokens. This is done by sending either ETH or USDT from your crypto wallet to the smart contract address on the exchange. It’s important to double-check the smart contract address before sending any funds.

Once the transaction is confirmed on the blockchain, the Metacom (MEAC) tokens will be transferred to your crypto wallet. You can then view your MEAC token balance in your wallet’s interface. It’s important to remember that buying tokens on a blockchain can take some time, so be patient while you wait for your transaction to be confirmed.


The presale for MEAC tokens ended on 10th November 2022. So if you’re an investor looking to acquire MEAC at the best price, getting the token at its IEO is your best chance.

Tokenomics Defining MEAC

The MEAC token is used with METAC within Metacom’s ecosystem. With a 500,000,000 MEAC initial supply, this token is based on polygons. To maintain the token’s rarity and to prevent inflation, any extra tokens that have been produced will be burnt. As a result, the token’s value is guaranteed to be steady throughout time.

However, that’s not all. Let’s look at the tokenomics to determine the investment prospects of the project: 

  • Presale stages: 62% of the total supply.
  • Ecosystem: 22% of the total supply. 
  • Payments: 9% of the total supply. 

Additionally, the project has also allocated 7% of its total supply to promotion. Besides, it should also be noted that the tokens for payments and promotions will be locked for 180 days. 

Unique Fundamentals Of The MEAC Token

Metacom offers unique features that make it stand out in crypto. Metacom has much potential for growth and adoption with a 3D engine, ID and face verification, and P2P crypto payments. Metacom may be a good investment option for new beginners in the crypto industry.

Here are some points to help you to invest in Metacom (MEAC) Token: 

Seamless P2P Transfers

The P2P crypto-transfers inside the platform’s rooms are already operational and use the 2D POC, ensuring that transactions are quick and secure.

Besides, since they are in GLB format, a 3D format that can be imported into a user’s environment and shared with others, the NFTs available on the platform are distinctive. 

Thanks to the unique approach, users can enjoy a one-of-a-kind experience by immersing themselves in the digital world. Additionally, this feature also allows for a streamlined transaction without having to rely on third-party providers. 

Access To A 3D Ready Engine

People are switching from 2D to 3D technologies rapidly as the world changes. Additionally, most contemporary interfaces are adjusting to 3D technology, making it even more crucial for organizations to meet these objectives. When it comes to assisting Metaverse enterprises in utilizing 3D technology, the Metacoms platform excels. 

The platform integrates several third-party 3D engines to allow you access the web- and app-based Metaverse solutions. This also contains the PlayCamnvas 3D engine’s optional access to VR. This makes it perfect for assisting users in maximizing 3D technology and meeting the unique demands of your clients.

Shared Ecosystem For Better Decentralization

Promoting decentralization was one of the main goals behind the introduction of Bitcoin and blockchain technology. However, given the rise in rules and the authorities’ attempts to stifle this endeavor, it can sometimes be complicated to do that.

Here is where Metacoms (MEAC) distinguishes itself thanks to its distinctive decentralized structure. Because the Metaverse is a shared platform, people share ownership over the platform. This encourages a shared economy and the convenience of self-governance, which helps to promote improved transparency.

Is Metacom A Good Investment?

Investing in Metacom can be a great start for users who want to get a head start into the Metaverse. The platform is unique and has strong future potential. However, it can be challenging to determine the success of a project without looking into some other fundamentals. 

So to help you better, we’ve listed some unique reasons why you should be investing in Metacom’s ongoing presale. 

Engaging Bonuses

The unique signup bonuses are one of the unique factors influencing the Metacoms universe. Early birds who have entered the project via the presale will get access to engaging bonuses which the platform has divided as follows:

  • Package 1: Starter $100 5%
  • Package 2: Bronze $200 10%
  • Package 3: Silver $500 15%
  • Package 4: Gold $1,500 25%
  • Package 5: Diamond $5,000 45%

This way, Metacoms makes investing in MEAC tokens a rewarding user experience.

Access To Unique P2P Model

Gone are the days when NFTs symbolized status with no utility. With the introduction of the Metaverse, developers want to add a unique proposition to the factor. Interestingly, Metacoms is no different as well. The project is based on NFTs. 

Once signed up, users can mine and create almost anything in NFTs. Interestingly, since all the assets are in the form of NFTs, creators are the sole owners of their creations and can sell them on the marketplace or in their developed stores. 

ID & Face Verification 

The ID & Face verification feature over Metacoms is another unique aspect that adds to the functionality of the project. Once signed up, users can confirm their identity and face thanks to a Know Your Customer (KYC) verification system that Metacom has incorporated into the site. 

This way, the platform allows the users to benefit from this feature’s increased security and trust. Additionally, the KYC procedure will enable businesses and organizations to leverage the platform to be used by their clients.

Randomly Moving Parcels

Unused parcels have been a big pain point over the Metaverse. In addition, the slow movements over the Metaverse empty the platform, eventually pushing the user’s interests away from the platform. 

Interestingly, this is where Metacoms enters into the picture, solving the less talked about unused parcels. The platform has designed its Metaverse so that users spend most of their time on it. Once users have enough activity, the platform moves these parcels to the center of the map. This, in turn, allows the Metaverse to appeal to existing users and newcomers.

Should I Invest In The Token?

Predicting the future of any project or its token can be challenging, especially if there’s no price movement to back it. But, looking at the project, Metacom is a Blockchain-based platform that enhances commercial and organizational communication and cooperation.

Considering the unique vision and the vast industry the project belongs to, our analysts at Blockchain Gosspis are mostly optimistic about the success of Metacoms presale. However, as with any cryptocurrency investment, investing in MEAC tokens also has risks. Therefore, it’s wise to consider your selections before making any investments. 

Note: As with any investment, it’s crucial to be aware of the state of the market. Consider the general cryptocurrency market environment and Metacom (MEAC) Token circumstances.

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