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How To Invest Geon (GT) Network – A Beginner’s Guide

Have you ever imagined the possibility of getting paid for simply visiting real-world locations? Or, the chance of getting paid to travel to different places? 

Yes, it’s true and happening over the Geon Network. Users of every type are rewarded for exploring new places and discovering the Geon beacon around the globe. 

Geon Network is a unique, decentralized location-based services platform that rewards users for finding their Geon beacons and getting rewarded. Interestingly, the unique concept has caught the attention of almost every investor, and they want to be a part of it. 

So if you’re a beginner looking for different ways to invest in the Geon Network, this blog is for you. Continue reading as we explore the steps involved in the process in the following sections. 

But, What Is Geon Network?

Geon Network operates over the foundation of decentralized LBS (Location Based Services), a unique concept that enables users to produce, distribute, and make money from location-based services and products, including location-based games, augmented reality activities, and location-based advertising. 

The platform intends to provide a new method of bringing together people and businesses by combining the power of geolocation data with Blockchain technology. The ability to produce and manage location-based digital assets, or “Geons,” is one of the critical characteristics of a Geon Network. These Geons can stand in for real-world establishments like stores, dining establishments, or tourist destinations. 

Companies can make Geons represent their locations and use them to communicate with clients and other companies. Using a geon to symbolize their store, for instance, a company may use it for advertising discounts or other special deals to customers in the area.

Geon Network also features an integrated rewards system that enables users to gain tokens for participating in various tasks, including visiting Geons, making new Geons, or offering comments on existing Geons. In addition, these tokens can be exchanged for discounts, coupons, or other gifts from merchants.

Users can purchase and sell Geons and digital assets on the platform’s built-in market. By offering them for sale to other companies or private buyers, this market enables corporations to generate revenue from their Geons.

Geon Network’s capacity to deliver location-based analytics is another important aspect of the company. The platform employs geolocation data to give companies insightful information about their clients and rivals. As a result, customer involvement may be increased, and marketing efforts can be optimized using this data.

Geon Network aims to create a new way of connecting businesses and users using geolocation data and Blockchain technology. The platform aims to create a more engaging and rewarding experience for companies and users by providing a decentralized location-based services ecosystem.

In a nutshell, Geon Network is a Blockchain-based platform that makes use of geolocation technologies. 

How To Invest In Geon Network – A Quick Tutorial 

Geon Network is a decentralized location-based platform that allows users to earn cryptocurrency by visiting physical locations, such as businesses and landmarks. If you’re interested in investing in Geon Network, here’s a quick tutorial to help you acquire some GEON tokens. 

  • Sign Up For A Crypto Exchange

Being fresher investors, we understand the complexities of investing in a crypto project. So to get started, your first step would be to choose a reliable crypto exchange that suits your needs. 

Since the market is filled with options, you should choose one that matches your needs, offers stringent security, and is affordable. Besides, these exchanges also provide you with a crypto wallet or a safe storage space for your digital assets. 

  • Purchase Ethereum (ETH)

Since the Geon Network Token (GT) is based on the Ethereum Blockchain, you must first buy Ethereum (ETH) before you can buy GT. The second-largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization, Ethereum, is widely traded on most main exchanges.

On a cryptocurrency exchange like Binance, Coinbase, or Kraken, you can buy ETH. However, since each exchange will have a different procedure for purchasing ETH, you should first read the steps involved in the process. 

  • Buy GEON Tokens

Since GT (Geon Token) is the platform’s publicly-traded cryptocurrency, you might want to purchase it by signing up for their presale. You need to link your wallet to their website and swap ETH for GT tokens to do the same. 

Acquiring GEON on an exchange, buying Ethereum, and storing them safely are all steps in the very straightforward process of investing in the Geon Network. However, it’s crucial to remember that investing in cryptocurrencies entails a significant risk; therefore, before making any investment decisions, you should always research and speak with a financial expert.

Tokenomics Definfing Geon Network Token

A Blockchain-based network’s creation, distribution, and use of tokens are all governed by economic concepts and procedures known as tokenomics. For example, the native token of the Geon Network, abbreviated as GT, is a cryptocurrency known as the Geon Network Token (or simply GT). The Geon Network is a Blockchain-based platform that pays users for providing their location data to companies and other organizations.


The Geon Network ecosystem uses the Geon Network Token for several essential purposes. The first usage is for data and location-based services on the platform as a means of trade. Users and businesses can use GT to pay for location-based services like navigation and targeted advertising. In addition, businesses and organizations can use GT to pay for access to users’ location data.

Apart from this, we have no additional data on the token allocation and distribution by the project. 

Overall, the Geon Network Token plays a significant role in the Geon Network ecosystem by acting as a medium of exchange, a mechanism for rewards, a tool for governance, and a store of wealth.

Unique Fundamentals Of The Geon Network

Geon Network (GT) is a publicly traded token that can be utilized to streamline different operations over the Geon Network. However, in addition to this ERC-20 token, the platform also introduces its users to Geon Coin (GC), a minable, in-app value carrier. 

While both these tokens are unique, you can’t determine the project’s success with its type. So to give you a better idea, we’ve curated a list of individual fundamentals that determine the token’s future as an investment. 

Access To A Multi-Utility Ecosystem

GT is utilized as a means of rewarding individuals who provide businesses and organizations access to their location data. By giving companies access to their location data, users can earn GT, and the amount gained depends on the quantity and quality of the data supplied. 

As a result, consumers are encouraged to submit increasingly precise data, resulting in a data pool that is more valuable and beneficial for enterprises. This could add to the overall profits generated by the ecosystem. 

Operated Over A Decentralized Governance Mechanism

Geon Network’s decentralized governance mechanism uses GT to manage the Geon Network ecosystem. Holders of tokens can vote on network improvement suggestions, and developers can submit new features and amendments for community voting. 

As a result, decisions concerning the network’s future development and direction can be made by the community as a whole. This not only adds to the token’s unique concept but also improves its users’ overall appeal.

Leverages Concepts Of AI

Geon Network disperses over a million Geon coins by geo-locating them on the globe map. People must physically travel to these locations to collect these coins, then use the Geon application on their mobile devices to get their reward. 

Additionally, virtual items may interact with the physical surroundings in this interactive experience. The same technique is used in the well-known game Pokemon Go.

Is WeSendIt Network A Good Investment?

Even though it is impossible to predict the future with certainty, Geon Network’s distinctive offering and growth potential make it a worthwhile investment opportunity. Geon Network presents a singular opportunity to bridge the gap between the traditional and crypto worlds.

The following information will assist you in buying Geon Network:

Rapid Growth Of Geon Network

Geon has risen swiftly in the list of top worldwide apps, ranking as the third-best dApp in the world on State of the dApps, the top trending app on Google Play, and a contender for the 2018 World Summit Award. 

This demonstrates the platform’s popularity and promise. Geon Network has the potential to be a smart investment choice because of its cutting-edge platform, which enables users to visit more than 1.5 million locations while earning Geon Coins.

Migration To POA Network

With over 100,000 downloads and over 41,000 active users since moving to the POA Network in February 2019, Geon has expanded quickly. In addition, Geon has improved the number of its users and the value of its platform because of the POA Network’s more effective and secure infrastructure.

Grant from POA Games Fund

The POA Games Fund has given Geon a grant, evidence of the platform’s potential and capacity to draw customers and businesses. The platform will be improved with the help of this award, which will also raise investors’ interest in it.

This indicates a strong potential for the Geon Network and its GT tokens in the future market. Furthermore, since the platform is unique and competes with Pokemon Go, investing in Geon Network could be a unique proposition for investors of every type.  

Should I Invest In Geon Network?

To make sure you are choosing a wise investment, it is crucial to consider a few critical elements before investing in cryptocurrencies, including Geon Network. First, it’s vital to comprehend the technology that powers the cryptocurrency you’re thinking about purchasing. This will aid in your comprehension of the investment’s possible dangers and benefits.

It’s critical to think about the state of the market and its developments. This will aid in understanding the market’s current condition and the likelihood that the cryptocurrency you are contemplating investing in will perform favorably in the future. Lastly, it would help to consider the regulatory context of holding digital assets. All the best! 

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