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How To Invest In – A Beginner’s Guide

The past few years have marked a dramatic shift towards environmentally friendly operations around the globe. Interestingly, the crypto industry was no foreigner to it. From ETH switching to a PoS (Proof Of Stake) to the launch of C+ Charge, there has been a switch to greener decentralized projects over the years. 

 Keeping the same concept of decreasing global carbon footprints, we have IMPT leading its way into the industry. The project offers creative solutions to help consumers and companies cut carbon emissions and reward them for their endeavors. Interestingly, the platform’s in-house tokens, IMPT, is available on presale, allowing individuals and businesses to purchase them early before they are fully released. 

So if you’re an investor keen to invest in a green project, this article will look into the purpose of the IMPT token. So continue reading as we examine IMPTs possible price trend and provide step-by-step directions on how to purchase it.

But, What Is IMPT?

IMPT is a unique concept that leverages Blockchain technology to revamp the carbon credits business. It’s an ambitious project focusing on reshaping the carbon industry by offering unique incentives. In addition, IMPT has a unique feature to facilitate the acquisition of carbon credits through normal consumption patterns. 

Together with the concept of Blockchain in action, IMPT tokenizes carbon credits, making it easy for the users to acquire and spend their tokens while keeping an account. The platform provides users three ways to acquire carbon credits, including direct purchases or shopping from partnered brands. 

Yes, IMPT has worked with several market-leading companies in various sectors, including retail, electronics, and travel. Therefore, if you are a token holder, you could purchase from the partner brands in return for carbon credits. What’s more? Once you’ve acquired enough carbon credits, you can burn these tokens for rare NFTs.

Interestingly, the project has recently listed its IMPT tokens for a presale. So if you’re an investor with a knack for something unique, let’s look into the different aspects of investing in IMPT in the following blog sections. 

How To Invest In – A Quick Tutorial 

Here are some pointers to assist you in learning how to invest in IMPT Token:

  1. Create Crypto Wallet: Prospective buyers of IMPT tokens will need a cryptocurrency wallet set up that is compatible with Ethereum-based (ERC) assets to participate in the presale. Investment platforms vary, but the best are MetaMask and Trust Wallet. After installing the wallet, investors must sign up for a wallet account and complete any necessary verification steps. 
  2. Purchase ETH/USDT: IMPT tokens can be acquired using either Ethereum (ETH) or USDT due to their ERC-20 nature. As an investor, you must first purchase any of these two cryptocurrencies to obtain IMPT. You can buy Ethereum on supervised dealings like eToro or use a service called Transak on the website with a credit or debit card. Calculating the gas costs and deciding how many IMPT tokens you want to buy before you go through the buying process is vital. Ten IMPT tokens, or around $0.18, is the minimum for a purchase. However, petrol prices vary widely, so it is more cost-efficient to buy a greater amount of IMPT at once, say $100 or more.
  3. Connect Your Wallet: You can start using the platform with your brand-new cryptocurrency wallet by following these directions:
    • Go to now.
    • There should be a blue “Connect Wallet” button that you can click. Do what has to be done by clicking here.
    • A window should emerge, prompting you to choose your desired cryptocurrency wallet. Just go ahead and click on “MetaMask” (or “Wallet Connect” if you are using a separate wallet).
    • Follow the on-screen instructions displayed by your cryptocurrency wallet to confirm the connection.

The entire process should be finished in a matter of seconds at most. Once your wallet has been successfully linked to the platform, you will have full access to your cryptocurrency holdings.

  1. Buy IMPT: It’s easy to purchase IMPT tokens if interested. Start by going to and logging in using your cryptocurrency wallet. Then, you can select Ethereum (ETH) or US Dollars (USDT) as your preferred payment method. After making your choice, you will be prompted to enter the number of tokens you wish to acquire. Press the “Convert USDT” or “Convert ETH” button when ready to complete your purchase. Your IMPT tokens will be distributed at a token generation event (TGE) following the conclusion of the IMPT presales.

Note: There is a 10 IMPT token minimum purchase requirement. 

Tokenomics Definfing IMPT is one of the unique crypto projects that has stirred the crypto credits industry. In its first presale, IMPT has made a strong debut as a green crypto initiative. As per tokenomics, IMPT has an overall supply of 3 billion IMPT tokens as a part of its supply chain. 

Here’s a detailed view of the tokenomics of the project:

  • Presale 1: 20% of the total supply
  • Presale 2: 22% of the total supply
  • Presale 3: 18% of the total supply
  • Ecosystem: 15% of the total supply

As per the distribution scheme, early adopters will receive 10% of the total supply, and the other 10% will go towards marketing. Lastly, the team at will receive 5% of the total supply. 

Unique Fundamentals Of The IMPT Token

A possible upside of investing in IMPT tokens during the presale is strong long-term growth. In addition, because of its green credentials, this cryptocurrency could do well in the market at the time of its launch.

However, that’s just the tip of the iceberg, as there’s more to the project than we know. So continue reading as we explore the unique fundamentals of the IMPT token in this section: Social Platform

Governments already mandate businesses to offset a specific amount of carbon annually, but it might take a lot of work to persuade average individuals to make an effort. However, IMPT has a unique fix for this problem.

With an score, users can show how much carbon they have offset on an interesting social media platform created by IMPT. It is possible to reach new rankings and levels as users improve their scores, which may be publicly shown on the site. Additionally, users can convert their carbon credits into special NFTs to receive double the carbon credit’s points.

Options To Get Rewarded In NFTs

NFT is one of the fastest-growing subsectors of the crypto industry. These digital assets have come a long way from being a relatively obscure asset class to having billions of dollars in value, with the top NFTs fetching thousands of dollars in only a few years. Interestingly, users signing up for the IMPT tokens also have a chance to access such rewards. 

Wonder how? It’s simple! Once a user has acquired enough carbon credits in their account, they can burn them in return for a unique, tradable NFT. This way, the use of NFTs by not only burns enough carbon credits in the process and acts as a store of value. 

Partnered With Leading Brands

Even though we’ve previously touched on this topic throughout the text, it’s still important to go over it in more detail. With the project completely out, has already worked with over 10,000 of the biggest businesses in the world. 

As a result, will likely be able to use its connections with these companies to develop new business relationships in the future. Besides, with users able to earn IMPT just by making purchases from these companies, this functionality will greatly increase the demand for IMPT tokens. It would result in IMPT having a relatively high price at its release. 

Is IMPT A Good Investment?

When it comes to documenting transactions and keeping tabs on assets in a corporate network, IMPT relies on its Blockchain technology. This makes it one of the unique projects that reduce global carbon emissions and effectively keep track of the same. 

However, more than the tokenomics of a project is needed to determine its success of a project. So to help you better, we’ve listed a few unique fundamentals of the crypto project. 

Access To Higher Profits

Tokens for the IMPT cryptocurrency can be purchased in the ongoing presale phase for as little as $0.018 each. The maximum supply of IMPT tokens is 3 billion, of which 660,000,000 will be sold in Round 2 for $0.023, and 540,000,000 will be sold in Round 3 for $0.0280. During this round, 600,000,000 IMPT tokens will be available for purchase.

Looking at the price increase after every presale, early investors will already have a 40-45% profit at the time of its listing. As a result, investors who would’ve invested in the project during the initial phase will already have access to higher profits before even being listed on any exchange. 

Industry With Untapped Potential

The carbon offsetting industry is snowballing; the required carbon offset market has increased by 128 percent since 2008, and the voluntary carbon offset market (VCM) is expected to increase by 25 percent by 2050. Businesses like IMPT, which participate in both the mandatory and voluntary markets, stand to benefit greatly from this development. 

Possibility Of Accumulating Substantial Profits

IMPT may have the most exciting potential for future expansion of any project that’s now available. IMPT, in contrast to the vast majority of other cryptocurrency projects now in presale, has already built several noteworthy ties that have the potential to help its expansion into new markets. 

Should I Invest In IMPT?

It is ultimately up to you to decide if investing in IMPT is the right decision for your financial situation. While there’s limited information on the price movements of the token, our analysts and experts at Blockchain Gossips are mostly optimistic about the token’s future growth. This is primarily because of the optimistic pre-sale and strong fundamentals backing the project. 

However, it is essential to thoroughly research and consider various factors before deciding. These factors may include the company’s financial stability, current market conditions, financial goals, and personal risk tolerance. It is also beneficial to seek the advice of a financial specialist or advisor before making a final decision.

Note: Conducting your homework before putting money into a cryptocurrency presale is crucial. This includes examining the coin’s underlying technology, assessing the project’s team, and reading the company’s white paper. The coin’s potential for success and the presence of rivals in the market are two more factors to consider.

Invest Wisely In Crypto Pre-Sales

Presale investments in cryptocurrencies, or initial coin offerings (ICOs), might be a promising market segment. However, caution should be used when making this kind of investment. Remember, the hype behind a crypto project is often a mere PR stunt. All the best!

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