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How To Invest In Token – A Beginner’s Guide

The crypto industry has been innovative with its offerings, especially since the adoption of NFTs, the growth of the Metaverse, and in-game assets. Keeping the same growth prospects in mind, Totem Media has recently launched a unique P2E game that revolutionizes the adult gaming industry with its concept. 

Following the budding interest of adults in the Metaverse, the company came up with the concept of an ‘adult’ VR paradise. The platform has not only excited the investors with its fresh appeal but with its unique fundamentals as well. Besides, many want to invest in the project as well. 

But how to invest in Most importantly, what are the steps involved in the process? Let’s find out as we explore the different aspects of investing in token in the following sections of our blog. 

But, What Is

As per its whitepaper, is an 18+ rated Metaverse project that is designed for the adults of the virtual world. This platform distributes adult content and features attributes that NFT collectors and gamers can leverage. Once signed up, users over the platform can either play, watch, earn, or collect digital assets. 

However, DOLZ wasn’t always known by this name. Initially, the project was launched as VR paradise, an adult content Metaverse and virtual reality gaming in 2018. The project later moved to a wider crowd to expand its market in 2021. Talking about the project, DOLZ has several elements that include NFTs like VR Paradise, iStripper, and Partners NFTs. These two ecosystems, along with the existing adult content ecosystem from DOLZ partner’s are a large part of its shared Metaverse. 

Additionally, in over a year of its foundation, Totem Media is already ‘blockchainizing’ the ecosystem by selling over 5M collectibles yearly. Being in the business since 1999, the project looks forward to bringing its previous customers of over 15 years with over 5,000+ cards to choose from.

As mentioned earlier, apart from being an adult NFT marketplace, is also an earning opportunity for collectors, developers, and players. Users get a chance to earn rewards for their contribution towards the platform. Everytime they spend some time doing different activities over the platform, they stand a chance to earn BabyDolz. 

Interestingly, users also have the option to earn BabyDolz for viewing different iStripper programs across its ecosystem. Besides, once the users have acquired enough BabyDolz, they can use it for different rewarding experiences over the DOLZ ecosystem. The token unlocks unique NFTs, which can be swapped for $DOLZ (the projects in-platform currency) or stablecoins on the secondary marketplace.’s native token DOLZ is currently on the final stages of its presale. So if you’re a beginner interested in the ecosystem, let’s check out our quick tutorial to invest in the project. 

How To Invest In – A Quick Tutorial 

Since DOLZ is currently on its presale, you can easily acquire the token by registering yourself for the event. However, you can’t simply visit the website and buy the tokens. 

Being a beginner investor, you must follow these steps to participate in the final round of the presale. Let’s check them out: 

  1. Create a crypto wallet: To get started, you first need to register yourself with a crypto exchange. Once you sign up and verify yourself, the platform will provide you with a crypto wallet where you can store all your digital assets safely.
    Note: Once you receive your crypto wallet, ensure that you’ve secured it witha  strong password. Besides, always ensure that you maintain three copies of the 12-word “backup passphrase.”
  2. Buy ETH: Since DOLZ is prepared over the Ethereum network, it’s only evident that the token requires investors to participate in the presale using ETH. So go to the marketplace on your crypto exchange and enter the total amount of ETH you’d like to purchase. Once done, put in your bank details or proceed with the flexible payment options accepted by your dedicated exchange. 
  3. Transfer ETH to your chosen wallet: After you’ve successfully completed the transaction, your wallet will be credited with the total amount of ETH. Once the balance is highlighted in your account, visit the website and link your wallet to the presale. 
  4. Purchase DOLZ tokens from the presale: The last step in the process of investing in the DOLZ presale is to complete the buying process. So now that you have successfully connected your wallet to the platform, enter the total ETH you’re willing to swap for DOLZ and choose Ether as your payment. Once done, you’ll be allocated the tokens at the end of the presale. Overall, investing in DOLZ can be a unique experience. However, it’s only wise to invest in the project once you have a proper insight into its fundamentals, and tokenomics, among other unique concepts. So let’s have a look at such unique concepts in the following sections of our blog.

Note: The DOLZ presale was listed recently (January 11, 2023). In case you missed out on the presale, you could be purchasing it at the most affordable cost right away. 

Tokenomics Defining DOLZ is preferably one of the very few initiators of the adult verse. While it’s DOLZ token has been on presale since Q1 of 2022, the project has already been the center of many highlights. As per the project’s tokenomics, the project has a total supply of 1,250,000,000 DOLZ token in its supply chain. 

Here’s how the project has allocated token to different parts of its operations: 

  • Presale: 40% of the total supply. 
  • Reserve: 18% of the total supply. 
  • Marketing: 15% of the total supply. 

Additionally, the project has also allocated 8% of its total supply towards the liquidity of the project, 8% of the total supply goes to the team, 4% to its total supply. DOLZ has also allocated 5% and 2% of its total supply to referral reserve and advisors respectively. 

Unique Fundamentals Of The DOLZ Token

DOLZ is an ERC-20 token that is designed to act as a medium of exchange over the platform. However, like most other tokens in the market, this ERC-20 based digital asset also has several unique fundamentals that add to its prospect as an investment. 

So to help you better, we’ve listed some unique fundamentals that determine the potential of this unique token. 

Access To The iStripper Collection

The DOLZ ecosystem is mainly divided into two parts, namely: iStripper and VR Paradise. Now, talking of the iStripper collection, it is a cumulartion of adult cards that are owned and created by the platform users. The platform brings you art pieces that have been in existance since 1998. 

What’s more? Each card provides users witha free 40-minute access to an erotic show. Additionally, users also get access to ‘Partners NFTs’ that are created by individuals and partners. These collections rank from combined to legendary and have their own exclusive perks.

Entry Into VR Paradise

The VR Paradise is another added perk of signing up for the DOLZ ecosystem. Similar to the iStripper Collection, this is the other half of the ecosystem that brings its users a group of 3D NFTs. Once you have access to them, you can participate in designing characters for the VR-based strip club over the platform. 

This part of the DOLZ ecosystem has also been on sale on Steam since 2018 and has crossed a user base of 150k. Additionally, users who are a part of the VR Paradise also get access to different perks, making it a unique experience. 

NFTs Farming & Staking

Similar to many other projects over the Metaverse, also provides staking and farming possibilities to its users. Once signed up to the platform, you can stake your DOLZ token or add to the platform’s liquidating ability with DOLZ LP present on PancakeSwap. This allows the users to earn BabyDolz which can later be used to unlock rare NFTs. 

Additionally, once the users have staked enough DOLZ-BNB, they’ll be entitled to great rewards in the BabyDolz tokens. This will be airdropped to individual users, based on the quantity of tokens that they stake. 

The Project Offers An Engaging Creator’s Platform

DOLZ is among the very rare platforms that allows users to get an engaging experience. Apart from its offerings like iStripper and VR Paradise, the platform also provides creators with a space for developing and minting their own NFT collections. 

Once they have accumulated enough digital assets, these NFTs can be used in the DOLZ Metaverse and other multiplayer games. The platform provides all the required tools that might be required by artists or designers.

Is DOLZ A Good Investment?

Investing in can be a great opportunity, especially if you’re considering to take an entry right away. However, it’s impossible to determine the success of a token by only determining its fundamentals. 

So to help you better, we’ve come with a few unique aspects that make DOLZ worth the investment. They are: 

Access To Exclusive Perks

The exclusive perks provided by the DOLZ platform make it one of the best projects to invest into. Once signed up, holders will get exclusive perks in its ecosystem, access to unique content including previews, discounts, NFT mystery boxes, and exclusive NFT collections. 

Holders of the DOLZ token will be able to manage their own strip club, which can be customized as per their taste via the use of items, NFTs, and outfits. Furthermore, users will also be able to trade their collection into DOLZ’s upcoming Metaverse. 

Play & Watch To Earn Functionality

The DOLZ ecosystem is a rewarding experience for gamers, collectors, and developers as well. Players who invest their time on the platform by either watching videos or playing games will be receiving BabyDolz as a reward. As mentioned earlier, they can later use these tokens to convert into NFTs or sell it at a secondary marketplace. 

Above all, users can also win free DOLZ by participating in different giveaways. The platform has allocated over 1,000,000 DOLZ up for grabs. If you manage to be a part of its promotional campaign, you might get DOLZ airdropped to your wallet in the process.  

VR Museum

The concept of VR Museum is similar to a traditional museum. It’s a venue that can be used to display all your prized possessions as a DOLZ collector. Additionally, the unique settings over the platform allow users to make their collection public, allowing visitors to have a glimpse and leave behind a ‘like’ or comment on them. 

However, that’s not all! Viewers who come to a VR Museum also get the option to interact with these digital assets and view them from different angles in the Metaverse.

Should I Invest In DOLZ Token?

While DOLZ is a unique concept with lots of perks that weigh in favor of the users, it’s too early to predict its future. The token has recently completed in presale and was listed on dedicated crypto exchanges. However, based on the success of its presale, it’s past day performance, and overall market approach, our analysts at Blockchain Gossips are optimistic about the future of and it’s DOLZ token. 

However, before you invest in the project, we suggest you get an idea of the project and fundamentals backing the project. Investing in any project is risky; therefore, it’s always important to be aware of the potential risks and rewards.

Note: Ultimately, investing in the project should be based on your decision and understanding of its ecosystem. Before you make any sizable investment into the project, it is always wise to speak with a professional or conduct extensive research. 

Are You Ready?

Determining the success of any token in the long-run can be a true challenge. Besides, considering the volatility that covers the crypto market, it’s only wise to research, analyze, and the enter as an investor. All the best!

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