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How To Invest In RobotEra Token: A Beginner’s Guide

The crypto industry is ever-adapting, and there are always new opportunities for investors to get in on the action. One of the latest trends in the crypto world is the emergence of Metaverse and P2E gaming. These latest endeavors allow gamers and investors to buy and sell real-world assets using Blockchain technology. 

Talking of such opportunities, we have the RobotEra, a unique investment opportunity for those interested in the emerging field of P2E games and Metaverse. But what is RobotEra all about? Let’s find out as we talk more about the project in the following sections of our blog. 

But, What Is RobotEra?

As the name suggests, RobotEra is a creative private Metaverse that will run on the Ethereum network. The game is themed around NFT-based futuristic robots based on a distant inhabitable planet TARO. As per the project’s whitepaper, it plans to create a Metaverse like The Sandbox where the possibilities are virtually endless.

For instance, once signed up, users (in the form of digital robots) will redevelop the TARO land. Additionally, they can buy virtual land on the game while at it. The game allows its users to develop further real estate on their purchased land, which will be 100% owned by the user. What’s more? Ownership of the land and developed estate within the RobotEra Metaverse is verified and secured by a unique NFT.

Sitting at the base of these limitless possibilities is RobotEra’s in-game TARO token. The token is a measure of wealth inside the game and a measure of investment for investors outside of it. The dual functionality of the token allows the users to trade the TARO token in registered exchanges or use it as an in-game token to purchase land and develop real estate. 

RobotEra is running a presale campaign for its TARO token, allowing early investors to get the best deal. So if you’re looking for a way to earn via this early presale opportunity, this blog is for you. Continue reading as we explore the different aspects of investing in RobotEra’s presale in the following sections. 

How To Invest In RobotEra (TARO) – A Quick Tutorial 

Since TARO is currently on presale, you needn’t register on multiple crypto exchanges to get started. The only option to purchase the token is from the RobotEra website. 

However, you can’t simply log into their website and claim or purchase the tokens. So here are a few key pointers to help you start investing in RobotEra Token:

  1. Create a MetaMask wallet: MetaMask is the ideal cryptocurrency wallet to purchase RobotEra tokens. This well-known wallet is simple to use, costs nothing to download or maintain, and offers exceptional security. Set up the Metamask, choose a password, and a 12-word “backup passphrase” will be displayed by MetaMask.
  2. Buy ETH or USDT: These cryptocurrencies are supported by hundreds of online exchanges, though Binance may be the most practical. Once you’ve proceeded with the KYC procedure, buying ETH or USDT with a debit or credit card takes five minutes from beginning to end.
  3. Transfer ETH or USDT to MetaMask: This step requires you to transfer the ETH or USDT tokens to MetaMask. Once done, you must visit the RobotEra website to link your wallet. This security measure requests authorization from the MetaMask wallet owner before connecting to RobotEra.
  4. Purchase TARO tokens from the RobotEra presale: The last step in purchasing TARO tokens from the presale is completing the orders. It comes once you’ve connected your MetaMask wallet with the RobotEra website. Here, you must ensure that ETH or USDT is your first choice for the payment currency. Next, enter how many TARO tokens you like to purchase.

Overall, investing in TARO can be a rewarding experience. However, you can’t invest in a token without proper insight into its tokenomics, fundamentals, and other unique concepts. So let’s look at those aspects in the following sections of our blog. 

Tokenomics Defining TARO

RobotEra is one of the most defining crypto projects from 2022. Its ERC-20 token, TARO, went into presale in Q4 of 2022. As per the project’s tokenomics, a total of 1,800,000,000 TARO tokens are a part of its supply chain. 

In terms of its token allocation, the project has allocated TARO in the following manner:

  • Investors: 2% of the total supply. 
  • Presale stages 1, 2, and 3: 15% of the total supply.
  • Team allocation: 10% of the total supply.

Additionally, the project’s advisors will receive 3% of TARO’s supply. Once the project is in full swing, it will also dedicate 25% and 33% shares to Play-to-Earn Rewards and Treasury/DAO, respectively. Lastly, ECO fund and DEX liquidity will comprise 9% and 3% of TARO’s market supply. 

Unique Fundamentals Of The TARO Token

RobotEra Token(TARO) is a digital asset designed to be used as a medium of exchange within the RobotEra ecosystem. It is an ERC-20 token built on the Ethereum blockchain, which means it has the potential to be a good investment due to the underlying technology of the Ethereum network.

Here are some fundamentals that we find unique in the Metaverse-based game:

RobotEra Marketplace

One of the unique features of TARO is its use in the RobotEra marketplace, which allows users to buy and sell various types of robotics products and services. So naturally, this creates a demand for the token, as it is the primary means of exchange within the marketplace.

Limited Supply

TARO has several other fundamental characteristics that make it a potentially good investment. For example, it has a fixed supply of 100 million tokens, meaning its value should increase as demand increases. Additionally, TARO strongly focuses on sustainability, with a portion of its profits used to fund research and development in renewable energy.

Token With Future Potential

TARO appears to be a well-designed digital asset that has the potential to be a good investment for those looking to invest in the robotics industry. However, as with any investment, it is essential to thoroughly research and understand the risks and potential rewards before deciding. 

Access To Virtual Real Estate: 

Virtual real estate is one of the major USPs of investing in the RobotEra project. Once signed up, users can purchase virtual pieces of land, for instance. Once the land has been purchased and wholly owned by the user, real estate may be constructed there. A special NFT serves as a security measure and means of confirming ownership of land and property within the RobotEra metaverse.

Countless Possibilities For Users

Users can also collect materials from their metaverse area and even build companions, similarly represented by virtual robots. The RobotEra metaverse will run its distinct universe, complete with everything from casinos and salons to concerts, museums, and nightclubs.

Again, there are countless possibilities. Importantly, people can create their own virtual worlds in the metaverse using virtual properties, interactive experiences, and games. Most crucially, this can be done without the slightest understanding of code. RobotEra, on the other hand, gives people a user-friendly platform to express their creativity.

Is RobotEra A Good Investment?

Investing in RobotEra can be a great head-start for beginners, primarily for the affordable costs and possible potential. However, it’s impossible to determine the token’s potential without researching more about it. 

So to help you better, we’ve explored some core reasons why you should invest in the RobotEra presale today.

Presale Discounts

First, it should be noted that the crypto winter has forced many projects to list their presales at a much cheaper rate. This factor makes it a great go-to option when paired with presale success. 

For instance, tokens like TAMA and LBLOCK witnessed significant post-presale growth of 60x and 20x, respectively, in a concise period.

As a result, investors of RobotEra hope for similar returns from the project. Interestingly, those who manage to purchase the token during stage I presale already have up to 40x gain before the token is listed. 

To help you understand better, here’s an overview table presenting the difference in prices:


Presale Stage Number Of Tokens Price Of TARO Stage Hardcap
Stage I 90,000,000 $0.020 $1,800,000
Stage II 90,000,000 $0.025 $2,250,000
Stage III 90,000,000 $0.032 $2,880,000


Metaverse Is An Emerging Trend

The ‘Metaverse’ is a booming concept still in its infancy. The current market represents an opportunity like Bitcoin’s early stages in 2009.

Analysts estimate the Meta industry could be worth $10 trillion by 2030. Therefore, investing in a Metaverse-centric project like RobotEra could be a great move to get you exposure and gains in the upcoming years. 

Possibilities To Earn Income

The RobotEra ecosystem brings you many ways to earn crypto-centric rewards. These include dealing in virtual real estate, exploring the P2E possibilities, and collecting NFT-based digital assets. 

The platform is also said to launch random events that reward users with different in-game assets or tokens. What’s more? In-game property owners could also charge land management fees as another passive income source.

Should I Invest In The Token?

Predicting the future of any token can be challenging, especially when there’s no information on its performance history. That being said, our analysts at Blockchain Gossip are mostly optimistic about the future of RobotEra, and its TARO token in the market. 

However, if you are considering investing in RobotEra Token, it is essential to thoroughly research the company and its technology before making a decision. Investing in any cryptocurrency or token is always risky, and knowing the potential risks and rewards is important.

Note: Ultimately, the decision to invest in RobotEra Token should be based on your financial goals and risk tolerance. Before making investment decisions, speaking with a financial professional or conducting research is always a good idea.

Invest Wisely In Crypto Pre-Sales

Deciding whether or not to invest in crypto presales can be challenging. However, one thing to determine their success is considering the company’s track record and stability. 

Have they been successful in the past and have a solid plan for the future? Furthermore, it’s critical to comprehend the token’s role in the business’s ecosystem and how it might add value. All the best!

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