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How To Invest In FightOut Token – A Beginner’s Guide

At a time when the fitness industry is progressing at an unmatched rate, it was only evident to witness its impact in the Web 3.0 space. Yes, you read it right! Today we have unique M2E (Move To Earn) crypto projects that incentivize users to build healthy habits over the long term. 

Talking of such unique concepts, we have FightOut, a unique amalgamation between the concept of decentralization and gamification. So if you’re an investor with a solid foresight into the success of the decentralized fitness industry, FightOut might be the perfect investment opportunity for you. 

So continue reading as this article guides you on the different aspects of investing in the FightOut platform. 

But, What Is FightOut?

FightOut is a special solution that combines the strength of Blockchain with gamification to encourage people to prioritize their health at a time when the fitness sector is still evolving and adjusting to new technology. The platform seeks to increase users’ enjoyment and engagement in exercise by providing prizes and incentives via a digital metaverse.

As per its whitepaper, FightOut is a cutting-edge platform that seeks to transform the fitness sector by presenting a novel idea dubbed “Move-to-Earn” (M2E). This creative strategy encourages users to exercise regularly by providing tokenized rewards for finishing exercises.

The high cost of gym memberships, which may be a significant obstacle for many individuals trying to get in shape, is one of the fundamental problems that FightOut seeks to address. FightOut enables users to reach their fitness objectives without paying costly membership fees by giving them access to various workouts and fitness regimens through its app.

Interestingly, the project is currently listed for its FGHT token’s presale, providing early investors with an opportunity to earn over 25-40x of their initial investment in the presale stages. So continue reading as we show you a quick tutorial and discuss investing in the token. 

How To Invest In FightOut  – A Quick Tutorial 

Here are some useful steps that will help to understand to understand how to invest in FightOut Token: 

  1. Set up a Crypto Wallet: The first step is to create a bitcoin wallet if you want to invest in the FightOut project. Wallets of this kind are made especially for storing digital money and facilitating transactions between various parties. The FightOut team suggests using Trust Wallet or MetaMask (for desktop users) among the many available cryptocurrency wallet providers (for mobile users).
  2. Obtain ETH or USDT: Investors must first purchase either Ethereum (ETH) or Tether (USDT) to participate in the FightOut presale, as these are the only digital currencies supported by the FightOut presale dashboard. A centralized or decentralized exchange utilizing a means like a bank transfer or credit/debit card is one way to acquire these currencies. The investor should have already set up a bitcoin wallet where these funds can be transmitted. Another choice for getting ETH is via the Transak platform, a partnership venture of the FightOut team. If opting for this method, investors can use a credit or debit card to purchase ETH straight through the FightOut website.
  3. Link Wallet to FightOut Presale: Go to the FightOut website and click the “Connect” button. To attach a crypto wallet, select the appropriate wallet provider from the pop-up window that opens and follow the on-screen directions.
  4. Buy FGHT Token: You must first link your wallet to the platform to o buy FGHT tokens. When you’re finished, a new window will open where you can choose between using ETH or USDT to make your payment. To complete the process, just input the number of tokens you want to purchase and confirm the transaction with the company that provides your digital wallet.
  5. Claim FGHT Tokens: A Token Generation Event (TGE) will start when the FightOut presale is over to create and distribute the FGHT tokens formally. The FGHT token’s circulation inside the FightOut ecosystem officially launches with this event and begins.

Once the presale is over, investors can directly claim the FGHT tokens acquired via the FightOut website. Besides, since all presale participants will receive their allotted FGHT tokens, it guarantees delivery of the tokens in a safe, and timely way.

As mentioned earlier, investing in FGHT can be a unique and rewarding experience, primarily for the craze behind its presale stages. However, investing in a token with proper insight into its fundamentals, tokenomics, and other unique concepts can be challenging. So let’s focus on other aspects of the token in the following blog sections.

Tokenomics Defining FGHT

FightOut has established its presale website, intending to rank among the top IEO cryptocurrencies while hoping to finish its institutional round and debut its products in Q4 of 2022. As per tokenomics, FightOut listed 10 billion FGHT tokens as a part of its supply chain. 

Tokenomics Defining FGHT

In terms of its allocation, the project has distributed FGHT in the following manner:

  • Presale stages: 60% of the total allocation. 
  • Rewards & Growth: 30% of the total supply, based on the number of purchased tokens and the vesting period.
  • Liquidity: 10% of the total supply. 

Investors wanting to purchase $FGHT tokens during the presale period will have the chance to receive up to 50% more tokens as a reward. Bonuses begin with a $500 investment at 10% with a six-month vesting period. Additionally, investors might receive a 25% bonus when purchasing tokens worth $50,000.

Unique Fundamentals Of The FGHT Token

FightOut attempts to address the high-cost issue and the lack of social interaction that can frequently be a concern in conventional training environments. The platform makes users feel more connected and supported as they pursue their fitness adventures by creating a community of like-minded people striving toward their fitness goals.

Interestingly, there’s more to the project than we know of! So let’s delve into the unique fundamentals of the token to get a better idea of the project. 

Unique Tokenomics Backing The Project

The native token for FightOut, FGHT, which will power the blockchain project, is now available. In addition, REPS, an in-app currency that bridges the gap between cryptocurrency and regular users, may be bought with FGHT coin.

By exercising and completing challenges in the app, you may earn REPS. After that, in the Metaverse, you may trade REPS for accessories and avatar enhancements. However, it’s a virtual depiction of who you are, so you can’t trade it or sell it. Furthermore, the stat points for your avatar based on your exercise data will be immediately transformed.

What’s more? You can even receive discounts on membership or sporting goods with the FightOut mark if you use REPS. Additionally, you can use co-working space or swap REPS for goods from health bars.

Distinctive Solution-Oriented Features 

FightOut offers a special way to assist users in reaching their fitness objectives through a reward-based system and individualized workout plans. Users can enter their fitness objectives, background, available equipment, and preferred workouts after signing up. 

The app then uses the FightOut Token to encourage users to meet their fitness goals and turn into “Fighting Fit.” FightOut offers customers a personalized and efficient way to enhance their physical health and well-being through this ground-breaking methodology.

Prospects Of NFTs & Metaverse

Tremendous opportunities are awaiting forthcoming metaverse platforms since the business has the potential to become worth several trillions of dollars within the next decade. During the process of registering a new account, users of the app are given the ability to mint their own NFT avatars. 

The data acquired directly from these avatars’ workouts and achievements would be used to build the stat points for those avatars. Additionally, given their nature, the NFT projects will only increase in value over time. 

Is FightOut A Good Investment?

FightOut can be a good investment opportunity for anyone looking forward to participating in the booming M2E market. In addition, investors might find it appealing due to its distinctive method of tracking fitness and rewarding users, its reasonable pricing point, and the essential function of the $FGHT token. 

However, even though the token has unique potential, it’s impossible to determine the project or the token’s true potential without researching more about it. So to help you better, we’ve curated a few reasons why you could invest in the FGHT presale. 

Challenges To The Move-to-Earn Space 

The “move to earn” industry has the potential to prosper in the future, but it has had to overcome obstacles that have impeded its expansion. FightOut has implemented cutting-edge features that tackle these issues and transform the area. 

One of these aspects is a thorough system for tracking and rewarding those who reach their fitness objectives. By solving these problems, FightOut has revolutionized the move-to-earn sector and established a new benchmark for achievement.

Significant Growth Prospects

The health and fitness industry is enormous! It is estimated to be worth $96 billion. With a large market, it’s simple to assume that conventional gyms are profitable. However, traditional gyms are declining due to repetitive training regimens and a need for more individualized attention from gym trainers.

Interestingly, this is where FightOut steps in as a unique solution to the situation. The platform offers classes in its physical facilities and live-streaming sessions from its app. Additionally, it will enable you to communicate with community members who engage in similar exercises.

More Than A Step Tracker

In the past, many M2E initiatives mainly tracked steps. FightOut, however, goes above and above. Instead, it records all workout activities. The amount of your participation in these exercises will be measured by the gym sensors employed.

The M2E platform of FightOut has also made entrance barriers lower. It won’t be necessary to purchase pricey non-fungible tokens to get started (NFTs). A holistic approach to fitness and health is presented, emphasizing the benefits of good living and exercise.

Note: Invest wisely in Crypto Pre-sales. While the concept and its sales may excite you, carefully investigate the project and the team behind it before investing in a presale. In addition to a great track record and an experienced team, look for a clear and comprehensive white paper.

Should I Invest In FightOut Token?

Our analysts at Blockchain Gossips are mainly optimistic about future tokens’ movement. Being one of the early movers in the Move-to-Earn (M2E) market, FightOut has a promising future with exceptional outcomes. 

However, investing in cryptocurrencies is very speculative, so you might lose all or a sizable chunk of your money. Therefore, be confident that you can afford to assume this risk.

Invest Wisely!

As with any investment, it’s crucial to research and proceed cautiously. Be on the lookout for fraud and confirm the project’s and the team’s legitimacy before investing.

Similarly, buying cryptocurrencies have a significant level of risk and volatility, and presales are no different. Verify that you are aware of the potential dangers and are at ease with the degree of risk you accept.

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