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Voyager Token Price Prediction: 2022,2025,2030

Cryptocurrencies are now becoming mainstream and gaining unmatched popularity among the masses. This is a remarkable evolution in a relatively short period. Nowadays, almost everyone is fishing for better investment and trading opportunities with cryptocurrencies. 

The Voyager (VGX) token is now becoming more popular, with many looking to invest in it and amplify their returns. But is Voyager (VGX) worth your investment? 

Unfortunately, it is always challenging to predict the future with many cryptocurrency vulnerabilities. But here is a well-thought-out Voyager token price prediction to help you better understand the matter.     

Voyager (VGX) Token: What Is It About?

The Voyager Foundation was launched in 2017 to make crypto trading more convenient for everyone. The user-oriented platform focuses on providing users with the best prices for cryptocurrencies in the entire market. With the Smart order technology, the Voyager platform sorts prices from different crypto trading platforms. 

The platform will scan the market and identify the best place for executing customer orders based on liquidity and prices. The platform also has a native token called Voyager (VGX), which people can use for different purposes. The demand for Voyager crypto has been increasing recently, which consequently helps enhance the token’s value in the market.          

Voyager (VGX): Price History

Following its launch in July 2017, the Voyager (VGX) token had a price tag of $0.06. The prices remained volatile throughout the year between the range of the launch price and $1.25. But 2018 was a great year for the token as it reached its all-time high value of $12.54 on 5th January 2018.  

But it did suffer some setbacks following this period, falling to $5 in March and even lower to just $2 by the end of the same month. Prices began to peak again in May, reaching $5.02, but the token lost this momentum, falling to just $2 again by the end of May 2018.    

However, the token’s value suffered a major setback following the infamous crypto crash of 2018. Following its peak in May, the token fell to a low of just $0.12 by the end of 2019. This trend continued for two consecutive years, and Voyager (VGX) remained below the $1 mark till the end of 2020. 

The Token Has Been Performing

The Voyager (VGX) token reached $2.80 for the first time in two years at the start of 2021. Following this, the Voyager platform became even more popular with its support for many prominent crypto tokens, including Elrond, Terra Luna, Enjin, and more. By February 2021, the token crossed the $5 mark reaching $6.90. Voyager token managed to keep this momentum for the rest of the month.         

By March, the token peaked again with a valuation of $6.97 with revised interest rates for the brokerage. This bullish momentum continued for quite some time, with Voyager announcing that it was a finalist for the US FinTech Awards in April 2021.   

Voyager (VGX) lost its momentum in July 2021, reaching $2, only to improve again in August 2021. Numerous developments during this period allowed Voyager (VGX) to reach $4.67 again. By November 2021, many new announcements helped the token again breach the $5 mark. But the token eventually closed in 2021 with a value of $3 in December. 

2022 = Positive Change

By 2022, the token started the year with a $2 price tag, but this lasted only a short time following the drastic bearish run of the entire crypto market. Moreover, numerous adverse developments this year have taken a heavy toll on the overall performance of the token. 

Currently, the Voyager (VGX) token is valued at $0.31 with a market cap of $89,504,690, with 285,774,872 VGX circulating. But things will likely get better for the token in the coming days. Its valuation has increased by 7.95% in the past 24 hours, which is great news for all stakeholders. 

Voyager (VGX): Price Prediction For 2023 & Beyond

Predicting the future of a cryptocurrency takes work, as many factors can change at any given time. But experts still use complex probability calculations to help investors make informed decisions based on educated speculation. This brings us to the VGX coin price prediction, which shows things changing for good.

Given the available data, it looks likely that Voyager (VGX) will close this year at $0.46. By 2023, things are likely to get even better, with predictions indicating the token will reach at least $0.77. 

Furthermore, Voyager (VGX) will likely breach the $1 mark again by the end of 2025. This bullish momentum must continue till the end of this decade, finally allowing the token to reach $2.94 by the end of 2030. 

Should You Consider Investing In Voyager (VGX)?

Investing in any cryptocurrency comes with certain risks. No matter how many VGX price predictions you evaluate, there is no guarantee that these predictions will give you accurate results. Therefore, every trader and investor must evaluate the data available and make informed decisions after thorough research and due diligence. 

That said, Voyager (VGX) is one of the unique tokens currently available in the market. Unfortunately, the token’s recent run has been bearish, but that does not mean things will remain like this. 

As an investor, you must keep up with all the developments associated with the token and the market. This will help you better understand if you should invest your money in Voyager (VGX). If you are investing for the long term, then Voyager (VGX) is the ideal crypto investment.       

Bottom Line

There is no shortage of cryptocurrencies in the current market. But you must check what investment promises the best returns and unmatched stability. In the case of Voyager (VGX), it offers both stability and promising returns. 

So ensure you are thorough with VGX crypto price prediction and use this information to make an informed investment decision. But remember, it’s only wise to invest once you have a complete idea of the project. All the best! 

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