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Will Tory Lanez NFT Album Be Worth Money?

NFTs have been a raging trend since 2021, thanks to the immense hype these digital assets have generated. Since then, many athletes and celebrities have made their way into the world of digital art to bank on the opportunity.

If you’ve been into NFT as an investor, you must’ve heard of Torey Lanez’s latest project drop. Lanez is among the latest rapping sensations to venture into NFTs. However, Lanez didn’t just stop at releasing art pieces. Today, he’s among the few artists to take things a notch higher by co-founding Decentar, a dedicated platform for all his NFT launches. 

But is the NFT Tory Lanez collection worth the hype? Or is it another collection that might disappear from the massive list of existing digital art? As we explore his collections in the following blog sections, let’s find out. 

Tory Lanez NFT Collection: A Sneak Into The Rapper’s Offerings

3NITY NFT Collection

The 3NITY NFT collection was among the first projects developed by Tory’s Decentar platform. As a project, this collection focuses on representing the ‘triality’ of self. The collection depicts humans’ constant struggle between their reality (the ‘ego’ or self) and moral conscience (the ‘superego’ or angel). 

The collection also explores other aspects of human nature, like the primitive, aggressive, and sexual urge that is part of our nature (the ‘id’ or demons).

To give you an insight, the collection is based on three-headed characters who represent 3NITY. The NFT art is a unique combination of angel head, human head, and demon head – all representing the different forms of human existence and how they seek help from their demon or angelic side. 

What’s more? To add rarity to the project, each head in the project will be represented by yet-to-be-announced muses. Adding to it, a canceled celebrity will represent the demon head.

Overall, the 3NITY is a great NFT collection expected to boom over the long term, primarily because of its deflationary model and periodic burning. 

Lastly, the token was available at $0.1 ETH and minted in three different phases. 

Not Just Another NFT

Moving ahead, we have Torey’s other digital art release, ‘Not Just Another NFT.’ As the name suggests, this isn’t just another NFT collection released by a famous rapper. Instead, this collection adds utility to the series of NFTs released by Decentar. 

This collection is meant to add value to the enthusiasts who had initially minted the 3NITY collection. In addition, holders of the previous 3NITY collection can combine rare features from their existing collection and club them to create a rare and valuable NFT. 

These holders will receive additional benefits for their initial investment. For instance, the investors who get the rarest NFTs will be eligible to participate in a lottery round worth $1 million. Additionally, all the holders of rare NFTs will earn royalties based on their digital art units.

In summary, ‘Not Just Another NFT’ is a fresh perspective to add to the fundamentals of the project. Besides, Decentar is also supposed to collaborate with a mainstream brand to convert its collection into wearable fashion design items, ranging from footwear to clothing.

While these were some mainstream art collections, Tory has also released some music NFT albums. So let’s look at these collections and their response to get an idea of their sales. But first, let’s understand the concept behind music NFT albums in the following section. 

Music NFTs: What Are They?

As the name suggests, music NFTs are a practical collaboration between Decentralization and art.  

However, as traditional investors, most of us would have a common question. Why invest in music NFTs? Especially when music can be streamed or downloaded over platforms like iTunes or Spotify.

The difference is the ownership these digital assets provide. Investing in a music NFT grants ownership of the file to its investors. Additionally, music NFTs are a new way to forge a relationship between fans and their artists where their favorite stars can share their exclusive merch, new music, concert tickets, and experiences.

Once fans have purchased NFT from their favorite artists, they can also invest in and follow their work. 

Similarly, Tory released music NFTs ‘Lady of Neptune,’ ‘Distance,’ and ‘Y.D.L.R.,’ among others. So now that we have an idea of his projects let’s look at the fundamentals and analyze if Tory’s NFTs are worth investing in. 

Tory Lanez NFT: Price Prediction For The Digital Art

Talking of Lanez’s NFT collections are exclusively available over the E-NFT marketplace. The platform hosts NFT collections starting at a current bidding price of $1. Interestingly, NFT Tory Lanez’s price can go up to $60,000 in some secondary marketplaces.

Similarly, Tory’s latest NFT music album ‘When It’s Dark’ sold a million copies within a minute. Additionally, the album further similarly sold its re-released copies. Besides, Tory is a rapping sensation that seems active in the NFT world. 

The active collaborations with several brands, utility factor among the art pieces, high demand for NFT Tory Lanez resale, and strong community backing are all strong indicators of positive market sentiment. Therefore, if you plan to invest in Torey’s NFT collectibles, now would be a good time to start. 

However, we suggest you purchase the art pieces from the Decentar platform to get heavy discounts on the NFT Tory Lanez album price

NFTs Are A Risky Asset: Invest Wisely

Gone are the days when NFT used to be the ‘hype culture.’ Today, investors back a project for its uniqueness and fundamentals. Therefore, whether it’s NFT Tory Lanez for sale or any other premier collection, ensure that you have a proper idea about its market and how far it can go. All the best! 


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