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Top 10 Most Profitable Cryptocurrencies To Invest In 2023

The craze behind cryptocurrencies has left investors looking for new coins every now and then, even amidst the ongoing crypto winter. Since their introduction, cryptos have earned their name as a ‘fast-growing’ investment tool. 

However, the onset of the long bearish trend and the boom of benchmark tokens has left many investors needing clarification. Several of them think their chance to make massive returns is left behind. 

Fortunately, you can still wash your hands off of profitable cryptocurrency since there are still many to help you generate amplified returns. In addition, several tokens still have the potential to make it big in 2023.

Don’t believe us? Check it out as we explore the top profitable cryptocurrencies you could be investing in 2023.

Top 10 Cryptocurrencies That Could Deliver Sizable Returns In 2023

1. Bitcoin (BTC): All-Time Best Investment

When it comes to potential crypto investments, your list can’t miss out on the industry’s gold, Bitcoin. Over the years, Bitcoin has established itself as a benchmark token for the industry. 

Besides, considering its all-time high bullish run around the $70,000 mark in 2021 now could be the best time to make a possible entry. With BTC revolving around the $16,000 range, chances are high that the token will once again form a bullish pattern, giving sizable returns to early investors of 2022-23. 

2. Chainlink (LINK): Token Backed By Functionality 

The discussion about the top most performant cryptocurrencies in 2023 will be complete with Chainlink. In terms of fundamentals, Chainlink is one of the most performant cryptocurrencies in the industry. Apart from carrying several similarities with performant cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, LINK has been a majorly bullish performer. 

The token reached its all-time high of $48 in 2021, eventually falling to the $20 range and correcting its position shortly after. Overall, the price movement in its short but bullish run has been significant, making it one of the most profitable cryptocurrencies available in the market. Considering this token’s unique characteristics, you could consider this alternative when choosing the right crypto to invest in 2023. 

3. Ethereum (ETH): All-Time Investment

Talking of potential investments for 2023, you can’t miss out on the industry’s second-largest token by market capital, Ethereum. ETH has been at the center of operations in the decentralized space, used for launching tokens, authenticating smart contracts, and developing dApps. Adding to the list, ETH is also a core token for mining NFTs, making it one of the most suitable potential tokens for every portfolio. 

While, of course, Ethereum 2.0 did send shockwaves across the crypto industry like it was expected to, the token has enjoyed an impressive run. Over the years, ETH has presented strong market movements, starting from $10 to going up to the $4,000 mark. Fast forward to 2022, the token is currently at a rangebound motion around the $1500-1600 range, making it a suitable entry point for ETH 2023 HODLers. 

4. Shiba Inu: The DOGE Killer

If you are looking for a profitable crypto in this bearish market, then Shiba Inu is a project you can’t overlook for your portfolio. Also known as the ‘DOGE Killer’, SHIB has earned a reputation for its longevity and returns over time. While Shibu Inu entered the crypto market a little late, it still managed to capitalize on the growing significance of the crypto market. Besides that, Elon Mush also played an imperative in fueling the popularity of this token. 

Talking of its price movements and fundamentals, the token has the massive backing of billion of followers in a strong community. The project also reached the $1 mark in its last all-time high in 2021. Considering its growing acceptance and overall market influence, SHIB will be a good investment option in 2023.

5.WhiteBIT Token (WBT): Technologically Advanced Token

Being one of the youngest cryptos in this list, the WhiteBIT token is another significant addition. People use the WhiteBIT crypto for several different operations in the WhiteBIT ecosystem. The nuanced perks of this distinct ecosystem have done an excellent job of attracting numerous users. 

Besides, the positive price movements have allowed the token to reach its yearly high around the $14.5 range from $3 within a month. Given the performance of this token amidst the peak crypto winter and the substantial increase in its value, chances are that the WBT token will be a potential performer in the coming year. 

6. Sandbox (SAND): A Move Towards The Metaverse

The popularity of the metaverse has been growing at an unprecedented pace since last year. Sandbox is one of those few cryptos that has left a significant mark in the meta-universe. For instance, the Sandbox has earned its name for its future potential compared to most other metaverse coins. In 2022, Sandbox and Warner Music signed a contract to begin hosting virtual concerts on the Sandbox metaverse. 

Regarding the investment aspect, SAND is currently trading below the $0.5 level, followed by an all-time high of $7.5, making it a great investment opportunity at discounted prices. If the token retests over its all-time high, SAND might give an ROI of 200x to its investors. Considering the price movements, fundamentals, and booming potential, Sandbox would be a valued addition for 2023. 

7. Binance Coin (BNB): The Fastest-Growing Token

The Binance token is only third in line with BTC and ETH regarding its market capitalization. Preferably the only utility token at the top level, BNB coin has a history of a strong bullish run, backed by solid fundamentals, and is the world’s largest crypto exchange. In addition, BNB had given 450000% of its ICO price by the time the token entered a bullish run in late 2021. 

Besides, due to its exceptional growth, Binance Coin has also made it to the list of well-known cryptocurrency exchanges. In addition, it has been accepted as legal tender by several businesses. All these factors make BNB one of the fastest-growing cryptocurrencies to add to your portfolio for 2023.

8. Dogecoin (DOGE): First-Ever Meme Coin

The second meme coin on our list, Dogecoin or DOGE, started the trend of meme-based coins. Also referred to as the king of meme coins, DOGE has gained the spotlight for its strong community backing and continued existence since 2013. The coin could have performed better post-launch, but things took off after Elon Musk started promoting the crypto around 2020. 

The series of tweets from Elon Musk expressing his admiration for Dogecoin helped the token set a bullish pattern, moving close to the $1 mark, before finally falling to a correction phase. Fast forward to 2022; today, DOGE is no longer a trend but a token with functionality. Businesses across the globe have started accepting the token, booming its performance in this bearish market. The persistent performance, regular updates, and increasing acceptance make Dogecoin a potential investment for the coming year. 

9. Cardano (ADA): Most Undervalued Token

Cardano, or ADA, is also known as one of the most secure cryptocurrencies and Blockchain network today. Until Ethereum’s famous or infamous merge, Cardano was the largest smart contract platform leveraging the proof of stake mechanism to verify transactions. Launched in 2017, the Cardano token has survived several crypto crashes, maintaining a positive return on investment for its traders and investors. 

Over the years, ADA has been a consistent performer, giving over 1000x return during its bullish run in 2021. However, despite being a strong performer and having a positive ROI, the token is among the top underpriced tokens on our list. Currently priced at $0.3, Cardano is massively underpriced from its all-time high, making it a great investment for 2023. 

10. Decentraland (MANA): Buy & HODL

As one of the oldest metaverse crypto projects in the crypto market, Decentraland has made an excellent mark on the industry. As with most other future cryptos, Decentraland will likely perform very well in the coming years. 

Besides that, the token has some great characteristics that make it worth investing in 2023. For instance, Decentraland has a rich and continually growing ecosystem which is undoubtedly a powerful trait in crypto. In addition, many prominent brands such as Atari, Coca-Cola, and more have purchased virtual land in its ecosystem. 

Bottom Line

With so many cryptocurrencies available in the market, finding the right profitable crypto is a matter of time and effort spent researching. Besides, consider our list to save time when thinking of investing in 2023. Besides, if you’re a beginner investor, try going for more stable altcoins like USDT. All the best! 



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