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The Legitimacy Of The Ethereum Faucet

The software has been integral to many ecosystems. No matter the industry’s type or size, the software is known to automate and simplify core operations. Interestingly, the crypto industry was no exception to the phenomenon. 

Gone are when investments or airdrops were the only means to earn in the industry. Today, we have a ‘crypto faucet,’ an opportunity to earn free tokens without giving to the risk and volatility of the market.

However, this here is just the tip of the iceberg. So continue reading as we explore the different aspects of crypto faucets and the reality behind one of the most famous genres of faucets, the ETH faucet, in the following sections. 

Crypto Faucet: What Is The Concept About?

A crypto faucet is designed to allow users to earn free cryptos by completing simple tasks over the internet. This technology utilizes the ‘divisibility’ factor of cryptocurrencies to reward users with a fraction of their chosen crypto. Hence, the term ‘faucet’ is for small incentives (like a water droplet dripping from a faucet).

But that’s not all about the faucet concept. So continue reading as we explore different aspects of the crypto faucet in the following sections of this blog. 

What Is The Concept Behind The Crypto Faucet?

Here, even though the earnings aren’t very significant, the entire concept of faucet is enticing. The tasks listed on the website don’t require users to have extensive knowledge of cryptocurrency or the Blockchain. In addition, each crypto faucet has a reward pool where users can claim rewards once a threshold is reached.

So while this was a brief idea of crypto faucets, let’s now talk about the most famous faucet present on the internet, the Ethereum faucet.

So what is an Ethereum faucet?

As the name suggests, an Ethereum faucet is a great way to earn free ETH tokens. They have become one of the most popular tools for gathering free ETH (primarily for investors who can’t invest in ETH at its current price). However, the entire process of collecting Ethereum via faucets isn’t simple. 

Over time, several questions have been raised about the legitimacy of ETH faucets. Many users have reported faucets trick them into completing different tasks without paying them the promised bit of the tokens. This has led many users to doubt the legitimacy of other Ethereum faucets on the internet.

So to help you better, we’ve listed a few basics to help you determine whether or not a faucet is genuine. Here’s an overview of these aspects:

  • Determine the source of the faucet: Today, we have numerous Ethereum faucets on the internet. Every day, new software claims to provide ETH to users. However, there’s no sure way to determine the legitimacy of these websites.

They claim to transfer some ETH to your wallet for viewing ads or completing tasks. But to ensure they’re genuine, you must first check the DA rating of these stores. Once done, look for security checks like HTTP or HTTPS to ensure your data is protected over its IP.  

  • Don’t overlook the terms and conditions: Next, you must be mindful of the website you’re opting for proceeding with the faucet. Most dubious faucets have confusing terms and conditions where they aren’t clear about the returns on their process. Or, most often have some hidden clause to weigh the entire transaction to their benefit.

Therefore, ensure you’re very clear with the terms and conditions of the ETH faucets you’re signing up for. Remember, most legitimate ETH faucets require users to complete a task or view an ad before proceeding with the withdrawal.

  • What’s the total ETH that can be drawn per transaction?: The entire ETH per transaction is third on our list of different legitimacy factors. So before you sign up, ensure you know the faucet’s size or how much ETH they’re willing to give for every task performed.

However, while you’re at it, ensure that you don’t sign up for websites offering excessive ETH. Most legitimate faucets offer a reasonable sum of ETH for viewing ads or completing different tasks.

Once you examine the website via these factors, you’ll have a better idea whether ‘Is the Ethereum faucet legit?‘ Considering the vast majority of options in the market, many have a similar question in mind, ‘are there any legit crypto faucets?’

Besides, why not? You are bound to need clarification with the options in hand. So to help you better, we’ve developed different faucets that can earn you better. Let’s check them out in the following section.

Top Ethereum Faucets You Can Trust

Allcoins. PW

First on our list of the top ETH faucets is Allcoins. PW. It is a multi-coin faucet primarily known for its ETH offerings. Even though the project is relatively new, it has established itself with a good reputation. 

The platform allows users to get paid in crypto by participating in different online games and surveys via their Multi Coins Web Miner. The faucet also has automated features that will enable the automatic generation of Ethereum tokens in the background. 

Fees For Withdrawal: 0.0012 ETH 

Faucet Timer: 6 minutes 

Minimum Withdraw Limit: 0.0036 ETH

Next, we have, another project launched in July 2020. Like Allcoins, users can earn free crypto tokens by completing different tasks.

Most of these tasks include quizzes or clicking links and completing the tasks to get paid in ETH tokens. However, the platform initially delivers in ETH BEP-20 and Ethereum over the BSC (Binance Smart Chain). 

Fees For Withdrawal: No Fees

Faucet Timer: 60 minutes 

Minimum Withdraw Limit: 0.002 ETH 

Dutchy CORP

Last on our list of the most legitimate and high-paying ETH faucets is the Dutchy CORP. It supports over 70 crypto tokens, allowing users to choose among the tokens of their selection.

The platform allows users to access passive earning via surveys, staking, and doing offers, among other similar tasks. Additionally, the presence of over 700k users on their website defines their authenticity.

Fees For Withdrawal: No Fees

Faucet Timer: 30 minutes 

Minimum Withdraw Limit: Unknown

Now You Know!

This brings us to the end of our blog on the different Ethereum faucets on the internet. With this, we hope you now understand the concept around ETH faucets, their type, and the factors in determining their legitimacy. 

Remember, there’s always a new faucet on the internet, so ensure you’ve checked its authenticity. All the best!


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