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Is It Good To Invest in Ethereum Meta For the Long Term?

Back in 2009, there was just one cryptocurrency available in the market. But soon enough, the crypto market was growing at an unprecedented pace. As a result, the market currently hosts more than 21000 different crypto projects, each unique serving purposes.

Yet Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) are still the most dominant players in the market, with BTC having the largest market cap and ETH securing the second position. But despite their prevalence, both crypto projects are free of flaws. As Ethereum came to address the issues with Bitcoin, Ethereum Meta came to address the problems with Ethereum.

But what exactly is Ethereum Meta, and is it worth your investment? Let’s dive in to understand what this token has to offer.

Ethereum Meta: An Insight Into The Concept

Ethereum Meta is a crypto project launched in 2017. The project was designed to address some of the most genuine issues Ethereum users had to deal with. Since Ethereum failed to offer users a great deal of privacy,

Ethereum Meta came into the picture to address this issue. The new Smart Contract that the project provided direct payment services with anonymity between both parties. This meant that users could facilitate conventional transactions but with uncompromised anonymity.

Apart from that, Ethereum Meta also aimed at mixing transaction tokens by leveraging the wallets controlled by the smart contract mechanism. This ensured unmatched transparency while ensuring no breach of agreements between the network and its investors.

Intent Behind Ethereum Meta’s Launch

As per the Ethereum Meta whitepaper, the platform was designed to address some of the most critical issues with the Ethereum network. For example, it uses the smart contract mechanism to ensure all transactions remain anonymous, with no way for people to see what you bought and for how much. 

The whitepaper further states that Ethereum Meta now aims to make this token a preferred choice for day-to-day transactions using ETHM. The primary target audience for this token is people using Anonymous Market Place on the internet. They further wish to develop a crypto wallet with limited access for people using the Tor Browser.

Ethereum Meta (ETHM): Historical Data

The Ethereum Meta (ETHM) has been in the market since 2017, but its performance in the market has been very noteworthy for many. Unfortunately, the prices of this token rarely change, and accessing data about its history takes work. This is surprising given the token has been in the market for almost half a decade yet failed to gain the attention of anyone. 

Ethereum Meta (ETHM) had a value of $0.000028 in February 2021, but its prices have taken a massive nosedive since then. By July 2021, Ethereum Meta (ETHM) was worth 0.000013, and the trend continued for the remainder of the year. Finally, by December 2021, the Ethereum Meta (ETHM) had a value of $0.000024, but this marked the last spike the token witnessed till now.

At the start of 2022, the Ethereum Meta price came down to $0.00019 and has treaded on a bearish trend since then. This was understandable, given the bearish sentiment of traders and investors taking the market into its grips. This came after Russia invaded Ukraine on the 24th of February, 2022, triggering a significant slowdown in the global economy due to Western sanctions.

By June 2022, the value of Ethereum Meta (ETHM) fell to $0.000010 following the implications of China’s ban on cryptocurrencies. Unfortunately, the token could never recover from this decline, and its prices continued to lower further with each passing month.

As of December 2022, the value of one Ethereum Meta (ETHM) stands at 0.000000000002233 with a market cap of $3,942 and a fully diluted market cap of $22,155 with an increase of 7.43% in recent times. Besides that, the 24-hour trading volume of the Ethereum Meta (ETHM) token stands at just $708 after an increase of 14.06% in the last 24 hours.

Ethereum Meta (ETHM): Price Prediction

Predicting the future of any crypto token is never easy, given the crypto market’s highly volatile nature. Besides that, there is not much historical data on Ethereum Meta (ETHM) in the market. But given the recent market trends and public data about the Ethereum Meta (ETHM), experts can derive a conclusion.

That said, 2022 has already been a bad year for the crypto market, and Ethereum Meta (ETHM) is no exception. Given the circumstances at hand, it seems likely that Ethereum Meta (ETHM) will close 2022 with a valuation of $0.000000000227415. 

The token will likely start 2023 for $0.000000000228323 and close the year with a valuation of $0.000000000233035. If things remain unchanged, the Ethereum Meta (ETHM) will reach a valuation of $0.000000000205037 by the end of 2025. The Ethereum Meta (ETHM) token will likely reach a valuation of about $0.000000936 by the end of this decade.

Is Ethereum Meta (ETHM) A Scam?

There is no denying that the Ethereum Meta (ETHM) token has all the characteristics of a cryptocurrency successfully operating in the crypto market. But given the recent developments in the market, many are speculating if Ethereum Meta (ETHM) is another scam.

Moreover, as per the recent observations of the token, certainly, its founders have yet to do much to ascertain its token’s legitimacy. 

Besides that, Ethereum Meta (ETHM) has been in the crypto market since 2017, yet there needs to be more information available. This is a very unlikely trait in a cryptocurrency because most crypto projects provide the market with ample resources to establish its legitimacy. 

That said, the website and whitepaper of Ethereum Meta (ETHM) appear professional but more is needed to convince most experts. Another red flag is that most reviews about the Ether Meta (ETHM) token are negative.
Again, you must note this as a trader or investor and snake your investment decision accordingly.

Bottom Line

There is plenty of crypto projects in today’s day and age. So naturally, some projects become very successful, while others need to attract people to that extent. In the case of Ethereum Meta (ETHM), it is a token that falls in neither of these categories but lies somewhere in between.

So investing in this token relies on your wisdom, as Ethereum news and price predictions do not eliminate its chances of growing in the future. But make sure you study the market and crypto thoroughly before investing.

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