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Girlfriend NFT Token: Everything You Need To Know

The advent of blockchain technology has opened many doors for humankind. People are now leveraging the potential of this technology to drive extensive innovation and solve different issues. 

Of course, most cryptocurrencies and NFTs represent something specific or serve a specific purpose to improve our lives. But the advent of NFT girlfriends recently came as a surprise to many. This new trend allows people to have girlfriends in the form of NFTs.

Understandably, this NFT girlfriend thing is entirely new, confusing numerous people from all over the globe. Besides that, this innovation also raises many questions about the future of humanity with technological advancements. So let’s answer some of these questions to make sense of this ordeal.    

What Is This NFT Girlfriend Thing All About?

NFT girlfriend is exactly what it sounds like, i.e., an NFT that is also your girlfriend. This idea might sound bizarre to some, but people still make money regardless of how they feel about it. This is precisely what makes this entire thing worthy of our discussion. 

The story started with Cryptobros getting the ability to fork out their own ‘girlfriend’ but in the form of NFT. In almost every case, these NFTs have an animated digital painting portraying a girl’s face. But that does not matter since people sell these unique NFTs and earn over $100,000. 

They allow buyers to choose their preferred face from several female faces. These faces have different characteristics based on the preference of the buyer. For example, some might appear, as hippies, while others might resemble an angel or even gold diggers.  

What Is The Bull Market Girlfriend Thing All About?

Artist Kristina along with Martin, her husband, decided to set up the Bull Market Girlfriends a couple of years ago. The duo has been experimenting for years with oil painting and decided to step into digital art. 

They soon increased their collection to over 2500 hand-drawn cryptographically secure digital paintings. These paintings have earned them an exuberant profit of more than one million dollars in the well-known NFT marketplace OpenSea.      

Of course, they did have to face a lot of criticism from people highlighting the sexist message of their work. According to the opposing people, the buying and selling of even digital art are demeaning to all women worldwide. 

But the duo did argue against all this opposition, saying their collections draw inspiration from the long artistic history of female portraits. They further argued that it is nothing more than an art project, and people can buy it if they wish to, just as they do with conventional artwork.  

Kristina also clarified that people taking offence to her art does not affect their collection. So they would continue to do their work where a woman paints other beautiful women. She also stated that Bull Market Girlfriends has one of the most diverse communities with the highest engagement rates in the NFT industry.  

What Is The Crypto Girlfriend NFT Project?

The Crypto Girlfriend NFT project is another innovation in this sphere. The idea behind this platform started with a few individuals wanting a girlfriend. That meant anyone who wanted a girlfriend could now mint a crypto girlfriend right from the comfort of their home.

Moreover, they could sell this virtual girlfriend at attractive NFT prices and generate massive returns.

The Crypto Girlfriend NFT project now boasts a collection of more than twelve hundred unique NFT girlfriends on the Binance Smart Chain blockchain network. The so-called crypto girlfriend herself handpicks all these pieces of NFTs. The first piece of this NFT collection will later feature in the comic book Crypto Girlfriend.

The platform plans to launch a stake-to-earn game following the minting of all the NFT NYC. These games are likely under development, and NFT holders can stake their crypto girlfriend NFT to earn more appealing collectables and amplify their returns. 

Hence no matter how unconventional this sounds to an average being, these ideas enhance the utility of NFT in today’s world.          

But Is There A Market For Crypto NFT Girlfriends?

There is no denying a massive market for crypto girlfriend NFT in this industry. Most NFT enthusiasts, especially those interested in women, are okay with paying for these artworks.

From the looks of it becomes more or less clear that things will continue to go on this way and even increase further with time.   

Most NFT girlfriend owners say they noticed a trend in these NFTs and thought of investing in them and making a profit simultaneously. 

One specific NFT girlfriend owner admitted that while he was new to the NFT realm, he bought his first NFT girlfriend for just $400. It is interesting that the same individual is now planning to sell the NFT for at least $15,000. 

What Does Science Say About This Behavior 

When perplexed by a specific situation, the best thing to do is turn to scientists for answers. Most behavioural scientists say that this behaviour is generally triggered due to loneliness. Besides, it can even contribute to toxic behaviour in the real world with genuine relationships with real people. 

Analysts agree that this behaviour will eventually isolate the individual who chooses to spend time with their virtual girlfriend instead of getting a real one. In addition, these things could result in more unsafe practices, eventually becoming a behavioural pattern.

Final Thoughts

NFT girlfriends are becoming more and more popular by the day. While some invest in them for fun or appealing returns, others do not mind having a virtual girlfriend. 

All these factors combine to drive up these NFT prices and encourage more people to get involved. Critics of these ideas must work on addressing the significant issues in this isolated society instead of shifting the blame to the NFT industry.

Overall, the Girfriend NFT token seems to be an appealing new concept that revamps the NFT collection experience in a unique manner. Besides, considering all the different aspects of the project, would you add it to your collection?


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