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How To Use A Bitcoin Miner To Enter Codes?

Ever since its introduction, the entire concept of Bitcoin mining has been a massive hit. A feasible go-to option for the ‘miners,’ the concept of mining BTC tokens allows users to stay invested in the project without purchasing it from secondary markets.  

However, a lot of things have changed over the past decade. Considering how Bitcoin majorly operates over a PoW (Proof-Of-Work) consensus method, mining has been extensively criticized. In addition, scavenging for BTC using a modern rig setup consumes a lot of energy and generates massive heat adding to global warming concerns. 

Additionally, the rising costs of GPU drive, inflating the price of units of electricity, and the continued mining of the 19 million BTC tokens have only made the process exhaustive. 


Enter Bitcoin Miner: A Fresh, Cost-Effective & Engaging Prospect To Bitcoin Mining

Gone are the days when miners had to invest in heavily-loaded rig setups to get started with BTC mining. Instead, the advent of innovation in the crypto space, especially around the mining process, introduced us to Bitcoin Miner, a cloud mining approach to the energy-consuming mining procedure. 

Wonder what the concept is about? Let’s find out as we look into the project and step into the fine details in the following sections of our blog. 

Bitcoin Miner: An Innovative Approach To Crypto Mining 

As the name suggests, Bitcoin Miner is a unique mining game that allows users to access the cloud mining functionality. While the game is still in its Beta version, it has made it among the list of popular games, primarily because it’s hosted over Roblox and is regularly updated. 

Developed by Fumb Games and introduced in 2018, the BTC miner has several mining bases where users can kit it out with all types of decorations using a variety of blocks available to integrate into their mines. As a Roblox-based game, it aims at allowing users to make more money and manage their crypto empire as they grow. Once signed up, you can wander in its servers and explore the mine or shops set up by different in-game players. 

This BTC mining game is an Android iOS-friendly approach to P2E games where users are rewarded in Bitcoin for running their in-game mining operations. The game mimics an ideal mining business, providing gamers with a new concept of BTC mining. 

Latest Bitcoin Miner Updates

In its latest updates; the game has added a new Sand Coin leaderboard where players can quickly get an idea of the top miners of the game. Alongside the in-game update, there were also some bug fixes and four secret BTC miner codes to accelerate your endeavor. 

Earlier last year, the team behind the game, Fumb Games, also got into a deal with Zebedee to include more real BTC rewards into their game. Their efforts allowed the company to raise $11.5 million in September 2021.

What Are The Codes For Bitcoin Miner?

As the name suggests, Bitcoin miner codes are different pass keys to streamline your mining procedure. In addition, thanks to the game updates over time, users can improve their mining speed. 

But thanks to their craze, it’s almost impossible to catch up with the latest in-game codes. So to help you better, we’ve updated a list of the newest Bitcoin Miner codes for gamers in December 2022. Let’s check them out:


Codes Reward Status
AnotherBlock Redeem for a Concrete Block Active
FreeLvl Redeem for One Level Up Active
Extra Redeem for Starter Electricity Box Active
SandFloor Redeem to turn the floor into sand Active
NotATrashcan Redeem for Super Mining Boost Inactive
GrassWall Redeem for 3x Hedge Inactive
thxfor100m Redeem for Free Rewards Inactive
BtrBoost Redeem for a Mega Mining Boost Inactive


Note: The success of the codes depends on their usage threshold. Besides, their availability and type of code affect how fast can you mine 1 Bitcoin.

How To Use A Bitcoin Miner To Enter Codes?

Using a BTC miner is relatively easy! All you need to do is follow the steps mentioned below:

Step 1: Launch the Bitcoin Miner game on Roblox to get started.

Step 2: Once the game is launched and you can see your player, click on the ‘phone icon’ at the bottom of the screen. 

Step 3: Navigate from the menu of your in-game phone screen and select the ‘Codes’ section. 

Step 4: Once inside the codes section, choose among the different code options in the text box. 

Step 5: After typing your code, press the ‘Confirm’ button to receive your free reward!

Note: Thanks to the massive user base, some Roblox codes expire in almost real-time. Or, they can even stop working in less than 24 hours. This happens primarily because not all codes are valid for the same time frame. 

A code that highlights ‘Code Expired’ when you try to input it is no longer valid and cannot be used anymore. Here, you cannot do anything as the code is simply unavailable by the servers. 

However, if you try to enter a code that highlights ‘Invalid Code,’ you might have mistyped the code or failed to keep up with the capitalized words in the right consistency. If this occurs, try again, carefully replicating the code precisely as it is written this time.

How Does The Latest Bitcoin Miner Update Work?

As per the latest update around incorporating real BTC tokens into the game, users can now access real-life BTC by tapping on the green Bitcoin icon located at different locations. Once they’ve gathered enough Satoshi, users can cash it out for Bitcoin.

However, they must be signed to the Zebedee app to execute the same. Essentially, users need to click on the “Cash Out” option and tap ” redeem ” under their ZBD Gamertag to withdraw their BTC tokens via the Zebedee app. What’s more? 

This BTC mining simulation allows players to earn more rigs by investing in their infrastructure, upgrading current mining rigs, securing airdrops, and leveling up to get better in-game and real-life rewards.

How Can I Access More Bitcoin Miner Codes?

Unfortunately, like most P2E games, updates for Bitcoin Miner aren’t provided on a regular timetable, making it impossible to predict when or where additional codes will be made available. 

However, there are a few ways you could stay updated with these codes. For starters, you could be regular with our blogs, follow Poland Game Builders (the company behind Bitcoin Miner) on Twitter, or sign up for the game’s discord channel. Additionally, users can also avail of a free in-game exchange incentive. However, this option is only available for users who additionally join the @polandgamebuilders Roblox group.


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