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About Us

Blockchain Gossips is your go-to guide for all the updates in the blockchain and crypto space. You can find informative articles, How guides, and exchange reviews to help you make an informed decision on your next cryptocurrency purchase. We are well aware of the searcher’s intent and do our best to cover all the topics that can add value to our readers. 

Our news coverage has evolved over the last few months from price-specific updates to in-depth write-ups that include industry insights. As the sector has grown from a small group of outsiders to a major financial sector, so have our website and the people who write for it.

The content on our website passes through a strict editorial check, which is why all the articles will be of top quality. We have a trusted reader base, and we ensure that our readers gain knowledge from the content we post on our website. We are not just any other digital news website posting irrelevant stuff. We understand, curate, and publish quality content that’s relevant!

If you’d like to contribute to the news Blockchain Gossip as a contributing writer, please send a CV, a personal letter, and a few ideas for topics to We only respond to complete applications. It is only possible to apply if you are a thorough leader with a demonstrated experience in cryptocurrencies, blockchain, and related technologies.